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December 19-31, 2016

Switzerland gives Laos $18 mil to further boost Poverty Reduction Fund (VT)
Switzerland has agreed to contribute US$18 million to help Laos reduce poverty and achieve the targets set in the National Socio-Economic Plan. A grant agreement for the funding was signed recently by the Director of Cooperation for the Mekong Region of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Mr Tim Enderlin, and Deputy Minister of Finance
Laos-China railway: details of required workforce still unknown (Nation)
AUTHORITIES in Laos are still waiting for information on the kind of work to be undertaken by Lao labourers and the number required to help build the railway that will link Vientiane to the Chinese border. Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Dr Khampheng Saysompheng, told local media last week that his ministry has not yet been informed about worker numbers and the skills required
Chinese bank, ICBC, constantly supporting growth in Laos (Nation)
Over the past five years of operations in Laos, the total assets of ICBC’s Vientiane branch have exceeded US$4.1 billion (Bt147 billion). The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is focusing on financing for various sectors in Laos. , which is a developing country in Southeast Asia. On November 28, 2011, ICBC’s Vientiane branch was set up on November 28, 2011, acting as
Authorities will legalise Lao workers in Thailand (VT)
More than 100,000 Lao workers and family members are still residing in Thailand without proper documents, the minister said citing information provided by Thai authorities. Lao and Thai authorities completed the joint mission earlier this year to legalise illegal Lao workers and more than 70,000 have been granted work permits. Originally, the two authorities planned to complete
Other stories about Laos around the world 
... Vientiane water price hike halted (VT)
... Yunnan folk dance blossoms in Laos (China Daily)
... Laos, China cooperate on media development (VT)
... Leaders agree not to drive luxury cars: Lao PM (VT)
... Trucks being charged more at Napao-Chalo border (VT)
... Viet Minister hopes for stronger trade with Laos (Talk Vietnam)
... Establishment of Vietnam People’s Army celebrated in Laos (VOV)
... Patient numbers at public hospitals in Laos continue to tumble (VT)
... Follow Me: Python chunks and Dragon Boats -- Laos, part two (RN)
... Laos extends condolences over tragic events in Germany, Turkey (Sina)
... Patrolling The Mekong: Lao business prospers as security improves (CPTV)
... Boat trip on Mekong River checks sights (TTR Weekly)
... PSI provides US$2.4 million to fight malaria in Laos (VT)
... Lao Printing Association plans upgrade of operations (VT)
... Lao PM outlines measures to drive growth, curb spending (VT)
... Lao Govt to get tougher on regulation of investment projects (VT)
... Made-in-Laos furniture fair to take place next month (Vietnam Plus)
... Lao, Viet, German cooperation conserving Siamese Crocodile (VT)
... Laos praises quality of Indonesia`s school of aviation (Antara News)
... Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia courts seek to combat crimes (VietnamNet)
... Rotating chairmanship helps Laos improve ASEAN-China relation (Sina)
... Lao Govt, overseas partners join forces to tackle infectious diseases (VT)
... Lao PDR Advances Commitment To Global Health Security (Brunei Direct)
... Wives of missing Thai, Lao activists seek action over disappearances (Reuters)
... The staggering difference between rich Asian Americans and poor Asian Americans
... Laos: Reform measures improve governance (VT)
... World Bank helps Laos to upgrade rural roads (VT)
... Xekong hydro plant in southern Laos out of action (VT)
... US-Laos: Project to help human trafficking victims (VT)
... Rainbow snake, tiny frog among new Mekong species (Yahoo)
... Laos-China railway: details of required workforce still unknown (VT)
... Laos accelerates its digital transformation with Microsoft (MIS-Asia)
... Nothern Laos' Oudomxay planning to roll out welcome mat for visitors (VT)
... 16 of Our Favorite L.A. Dishes From 2016 - one of them is Laos (LA Weekly)
... Biggest Cities In Laos (World Atlas)
... Cafes in Vientiane, Laos (Nomadic Notes)
... Lao Govt, UN mark International Migrants' Day (VT)
... Residents in Laos still unaware of railway plans (VT)
... Lao Govt focusing on developing ICT infrastructure (VT)
... Huawei introduces GR5 2017 into market of Laos (CEN)
... Tien Giang boosts cooperation with Laos’ Khammouane province (VOV)
... Lao Deputy PM pushes for speedy mother and child health improvements (VT)
... Laos initiates policy dialogue to ensure benefits from population dynamics (VT)
... Lao-Hmong shake off any bad luck from 2016, welcome New Year in Merced (MS)
... Hitachi Zosen and Laos Seal Partnership Agreement in Environment & Green Energy

December 12-18, 2016

NGOs urge search for Laos activist 4 years after he vanished (AP/Yahoo, Reuters)
Ng Shui Meng hasn't given up hope. Thursday was the fourth anniversary of the day her husband, Laotian community organizer Sombath Somphone, vanished at a police checkpoint on the outskirts of Vientiane, the capital — a suspicious disappearance reflecting the repressive tactics of the country's Communist rulers, who have quashed political dissent since taking power in 1975
Chinese banana farms in Laos halted for using hazardous chemicals (Nation)
CHINESE farms in several provinces in Laos have been suspended because of their use of hazardous chemicals that are having negative impacts on people’s health and the environment. The Prime Minister’s Office ordered farms preparing to cultivate banana trees to cease their efforts, while thousands of hectares of banana plantations that have already planted the trees
Laos: The long march forward (Asia Times)
In 2014, 4.16 million tourists visited the Laos Democratic People’s Republic, with most of them, 77.5%, from member countries of the ASEAN. Few people are likely to be familiar with the landlocked nation’s history, so here is a primer. Laos has its roots in the ancient Lao kingdom of Lan Xang, established in the 14th century under King Fa Ngum, according to the CIA World
U.S.: Steve Ly is nation’s first Lao-Hmong mayor (Fresno Bee or CO)
Ly, who fled communist Laos with his family when he was 4 years old, credited his father with fostering his interest in civic affairs.  “When me and my dad watched these great speeches by President Ronald Reagan on television, I was enthralled by politics but I didn’t see anyone similar to me,” Ly recalled. “Still, my my dad forced me to watch news all the time. I hated it.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Lao farmers' networks meet (VT)
... Vientiane, Laos: A capital of calm (Traveller)
... Lao PM calls for diplomats to work harder (VT)
... Lao Party leaders remember former leaders (VT)
... Laos: Come Clean on Activist’s ‘Disappearance’ (HRW)
... Laos – Great Destination For Independent Travelers (YAP)
... NGOs urge search for Lao activist Sombath Somphone (BP)
... Chinese Businessmen Seek To Increase Investment In Laos (BD)
... The Mystery of Sombath Somphone Still Resonates in Laos (RFA)
... Beneath the Surface of Laos’ Cave Tourism Boom (Mekong Toursim)
... Eastern Star school lends helping hand to Champassak children (VT)
... Sombath Somphone: Missing for four years, but not forgotten (Reuters)
... Viettel removes roaming charges for Vietnam-Lao-Cambodia calls (VN)
... Is Thailand encouraging a dangerous addiction to debt in Laos? (Asset)
... Railway workers' buildings use cement from plants in Vangvieng district (VT)
... Valmet to supply key technology for Sun Paper's new dissolving pulp mill in Laos
... Elephant festival in Laos (TTR Weekly)
... Lao President pardons reformed prisoners (VT)
... Luang Prabang - Unique Places In Laos (World Atlas)
... Chinese road builders help improve lives in Laos (ECNS)
... Lao Govt promotes human rights, foreign ministry says (VT)
... Lao PM to launch railway construction in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Songwriting contest on Vietnam-Laos relations launched (VOV)
... 62,000 DKK from Sønderborg to Laos and Cambodia (Scan Asia)
... Foreign affairs stresses need for personnel development in Laos (VT)
... Environmental and social monitoring receives World Bank support (VT)
... Women migrant numbers [like from Laos] high in Thai construction (AP/Y!)
... For Nation's First Lao-Hmong Mayor, Life Is an 'American Story' (NBC News)
... Laos: Out of obscurity (Asia Times)
... Laos: Charting the progress (Asia Times)
... Laos: 15 martyrs beatified (Catholic Culture)
... Lao WU improving women's and children's status (VT)
... Japanese project furthers wood processing in Laos (VT)
... Vientiane to increase water charges by four percent (VT)
... UN agencies continue to boost development in Laos (VT)
... UN agencies renew commitment to Lao development (Sina)
... How to get from Bangkok to Vientiane by train (Nomadic Notes)
... Into the dark: exploring Laos’ cave tourism industry (SEA Globe)
... Vietnam, Laos science, technology ministries step up links (VBN)
... Lao-Hmong Community in Rochester Celebrates New Year (ABC)
... 9 ways to escape Christmas - one is to visit communist Laos (CNN)
... China proposes weight limit increase for heavy vehicles in Laos (VT)
... Three UN Agencies Renew Commitment To Development In Laos (BD)
... Long Beach Lao-Hmong Community To Celebrate New Year (Gazettes)
... Australia supports human resources development in Laos (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao-Hmong: 'People were looking for a change': a Q&A with Susan Pha (MP)
... From Laos to Wisconsin, and into the Heart of Packers Country (Sports Illustrated)
... More than thousand Catholics attend the beatification of 17 Laos martyrs in Vientiane
... Tubing in Laos (Free Press Journal)
... Northern Laos: Banana farms ordered to stop (VT)
... Laos: Ministry reviews UNFPA country programme (VT)
... Chinese road builders help improve lives in Laos (China)
... Lao PM supports chamber for highest business role (VT)
... EU impressed with Lao Govt progress on human rights (VT)
... Siam Cement seeks to raise Laos investment (Bangkok Post)
... China is top foreign investor behind Laos' fast growth (MENA FN)
... Laos' march from ancient kingdom to modern society (MENA FN)
... Northern Laos: Boten border officials prepare for traffic issues (VT)
... Laos recognises Vietnamese official’s efforts with Issara Order (DCS)
... SoHo Pop-Up Selling Jewelry Made of Bomb Scraps From Laos (DNA Info)
... Cardinal Quevedo is Pope Francis’ rep to beatification of 17 martyrs of Laos (MN)

December 5-11, 2016

That Time I Got Arrested in Laos (OZY)
When the business end of an AK-47 is pointed at you, the invitation of a lift back to your hotel cannot be turned down. It was 10 a.m., and as I climbed onto the back of the military pickup, perching myself on the corner rim next to five stolid soldiers, we started to drive away from Vientiane — and away from my hotel. My crime? Trying to visit a museum. 
Cambodian fishermen hanging up nets as Laos builds another dam (VOA)
At the local fish market here along the banks of the Tonle Sap, the morning harvest is enormous. Prized catfish, among other species, dominate sales as buyers for restaurants pile in for the biggest and best on offer. Early business is brisk for the fish farmers who bred and reared their fish securely in ponds. But the afternoons are different, said Man Mat, a 29-year-old fish monger.
Logging Continues in Laos as Provinces Ignore Export Ban (RFA)
Timber seized by authorities in Laos after being harvested illegally is being offered for sale in state-run auctions, but discrepancies remain in the number of logs being sold and the number of trees cut down, sources say. In an order issued in May, Lao prime minister Thongloun Sisoulith banned the export of timber in a bid to end the rampant smuggling of logs to neighbors
Lao gamblers betting on the ‘cat’ wonder why their number never comes up (RFA)
In the Laos national lottery the cat has at least four lives as the lucky numbers that represent the animal in the country’s culture came up in the national lottery four times in four consecutive months, raising questions about the honesty of the game. On August 10 the winning numbers were 354. On September 22 they were 314. On October 3 the lucky numbers were 694.
The Woman from Tam Pa Ling in Laos (PBS)
63,000 years ago, a woman died in the forested hills of northern Laos. She may have been looking for food or shelter - perhaps she was escaping a tropical storm. Whatever the reason, her final resting place was a cave now known as Tam Pa Ling (The Cave of Monkeys). Here she remained, until 2008, when archaeologists uncovered her skull and jawbone.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Almost 100 road fatalities recorded for November (VT)
... EU to assist education management project in Laos (VT)
... Rubber tress not being widely felled in Luang Namtha (VT)
... Vocational education helps Lao students to secure jobs (VT)
... President educates youngsters on Laos-Vietnam relations (VT)
... Accessing finance still major obstacle for entrepreneurs in Laos (VT)
... Nearly 100 people killed by road accidents in Laos in November (Sina)
... Unexploded ordnance to be cleaned along Laos-China railway (ECNS)
... Laos expects more heavy trucks from China to arrive once railway construction begins
... Lao dam’s impacts being felt (PPP)
... China funds poverty reduction in Laos (VT)
... Laos performers learn Chinese dance (China)
... Our recommended 14 days Laos Itinerary (MMH)
... Lao-Hmong in US: Being brave: Ka Vang (Winona Post)
... Skilled labour needed for development zones in Laos (VT)
... Carlsberg launches local subsidiary Tuborg in Laos (Sina)
... Laos, an attractive market for Vietnamese investors (VOV)
... Lao PM pushes ministry on governance, administration (VT)
... Follow me: Laos - Monks, myths and markets, part one (RN)
... Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos foster anti-drug partnership (VBN)
... China Is Transforming Southeast Asia Faster Than Ever (Bloomberg)
... Laos ready to host 6th ASEM Sustainable Development Dialogue (VT)
... Laos' central bank permits importers to borrow in foreign currency (VT)
... LG CNS Sells Electronic Tax System to Lao Government (Business Korea)
... Laos' first botanical garden offers majestic views over the Mekong River (BK)
... Vietnam, Laos news agencies agree on stronger coordination (Talk Vietnam)
... IHG to launch first luxury hotel in Laos (Travel DM)
... Foreign markets interested in Lao organic coffee (VT)
... Shanxi and Laos team up in art education (China Daily)
... Laos: Audit aims to recover loss of state properties (VT)
... Laos-China railway to spur border zone development (VT)
... Vientiane water treatment station 80 percent complete (VT)
... Moving On: Bringing a Legacy of Hope to Laos (US Dept of State)
... Under the M: Fellows from Laos share stories with tech (Missoulian)
... Laos-Viet border crossings considering extended opening hours (VT)
... Reduction in underweight, stunted children in Laos falls short of targets (VT)
... Laos' Car Market - Q3 2016 (Focus2Move)
... Japan supports gender education in Bokeo (VT)
... Savannakhet gears up for That Inhang festival (VT)
... Preparations Underway for Lao-Hmong New Year (Fox 21)
... Laos’ Gibbon Experience: Truly Sustainable (Mekong Tourism)
... Friendly exchange boosts Vietnam-Laos special relations (VBN)
... Foreign diplomats wish Laos continued success in development (VT)
... New funding programme to help improve ecosystems in Borikhamxay (VT)
... Round Table meeting a productive forum for exchange: development partners (VT)

Nov 28-Dec 4, 2016

A Distant Echo From the Secret Bombing Campaign Over Laos (Counter Punch)
A segment aired on the PBS News Hour on November 25, 2016 about a company named Article 22. “This company is turning Laos’ unexploded bombs into jewelry,” recounted the story of Article 22, a jewelry design and manufacturing company that “aims to convert unexploded bombs in Laos, left over from the Vietnam War into jewelry. Proceeds fund the cleanup of these dangerous
Luang Prabang: The crown jewel of the Mekong (Today Online)
I first visited Luang Prabang 10 years ago when I embarked on my first solo sojourn after graduating from university. With what little money I squirrelled away, I decided to take the usual backpacker route: First by taking a bus from Chiang Mai to the town of Chiang Khong; then a short ferry ride across to the Lao border town of Huay Xai in order to catch my two-day slow boat down
After Ban, Surrogacy Brokers Look To Laos (Cambodian Daily)
Brokers who hired Cambodian women to carry the children of foreign parents before the practice was banned are now developing cross-border arrangements with Laos and Malaysia, according to U.S.-based advisory agency Sensible Surrogacy. New Genetics Global, Talent IVF and World Fertility Services are among the companies that were operating in Cambodia before surrogacy
Killing the Mekong [like in Laos], Dam by Dam (Diplomat)
Explorers, travelers, & traders have long been enchanted by the magical vistas & extraordinary biodiversity of the Mekong, especially here. Swirling rapids roar through the surrounding forest to unleash the magnificent Khone Phapheng Falls in southern Laos. The surrounding myriad islands and forested islets, dotted among the tranquil waterways and braided channels of the Mekong
Laos, Vietnam discussing fuel supply pipeline (China or VT)
Lao and Vietnamese governments have expressed their full support for the construction of a pipeline that would deliver fuel from Vietnam to Laos, reported local Vientiane Times on Monday. The survey, design and feasibility study of the proposed pipeline have been ongoing for several years. Vietnam's Minister of Transport Truong Quang Nghia last week met with Lao Minister
Facing power shortage, Vietnam plans to import electricity from Laos (Saigoneer)
Due to increasing domestic demand, Vietnam is negotiating to import electricity from Laos. Nguyen Hai Ha, head of manufacturing engineering at EVN, told the Saigon Times that Vietnam’s electricity generation and imports are estimated at 184 billion kWh this year, a sharp increase from 164 billion kWh in 2015. With economic growth forecast to reach 6.5% to 7%
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Lao National Day - Dec 2 (US Dept of State)
... Broadband forum to develop ICT in Laos (Nation)
... Been There, Don Det : 4000 Islands in Laos (Apenoni)
... Lao northern province improves tourism (TTR Weekly)
... Dam-building in Laos threatens Mekong fisheries (Science)
... Chinese president vows stronger partnership with Laos (ECNS)
... A Lao Village Hit With Brick Kiln Pollution Seeks a Solution (RFA)
... Brunei - Monarch Sends Message of Congratulation to Laos (BD)
... Construction set to commence on Laos-China railway this month (Nation)
... Environmentalists Sound Alarms as Laos Plans Destroy Three Lower Mekong Inlets
... UN resident chief reiterates supportive efforts to ensure nutrition security in Laos (UN)
... Miss Laos 2016 is happy & proud of winning the title & the role of a cultural ambassador
... Laos strives to fight against HIV/AIDS (Sina)
... Laos upgrades Wattay airport (TTR Weekly)
... First Lao data centre opens in Xaythany (VT)
... Audit hopes to recover lost govt revenue (VT)
... Work set to begin on Laos-China railway this month (VT)
... Ministry sets sights on stamping out HIV/AIDS in Laos (VT)
... Laos’ National Day marked in Ho Chi Minh City (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao-American Obituary: Soulath Souvannapadith (Shelby Info)
... Laos Plans To Improve Fish-Passage Monitoring (Brunei Direct)
... A dam shame: the plight of the Mekong giant catfish (Mongabay)
... Vietnam-funded broadcasting project delivered to Laos (Vietnam Plus)
... An indelible mark upon the history of Vietnam-Laos special relations (ND)
... Oudomxay radio, television transmitters officially opened with Viet help (VT)
... Champasak's governor pays working visit to Vietnam's Da Nang city (DCS)
... Saysettha Development Zone attracting growing number of foreign investors (VT)
... Ban Koy, Laos (MM)
... Laos, China enhance cooperation (VT)
... Laos looks at health insurance (AsiaOne)
... Laos debuts first energy-saving data center (Nikkei)
... Vietnam urges Laos to move forward with road link (VT)
... University student proud of winning Miss Laos title (Dawn)
... Violence against women still a major concern in Laos (VT)
... Solar progress in Laos hindered by hydro focus (PV-Tech)
... Laos: Secured transactions covered in civil code draft (VT)
... Vietnam provides radio, television stations for northern Laos' Oudomxay (VT)
... Thai Kasikornbank eyes regional expansion; plans 2nd branch in Laos (Reuters)
... Long March 3B • LaoSat-1 (Sat PR News)
... Laos natives growing rice in Newton Co. (Daily News)
... Vietnam leader's visit paves way for elevated ties (VT)
... Panda Chengdu Culture Trip held in Laos (Global Times)
... Made in Laos expo showcases best of local products (VT)
... China and Laos to push rail, economic projects (China Daily)
... 28 wood processing factories in Laos ordered to shut down (VT)
... This company is turning Laos’ unexploded bombs into jewelry (PBS)
... China pledges to cooperate with Laos on development (Global Times)
... Lao Govt, development partners pursue accelerated development (VT)
... Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Pledge to Expand Economic Connectivity(MT)
... NDMT Acquires 19 Percent of the Shares of Lao Construction Bank (Yahoo)
... Cambodia to Open Ports to Laos Exports (CD)
... Laos offers its share of surprises (Wicked Local)
... Cambodia Supports Lao Dam: PM (Khmer Times)
... Vietnam tops list of destinations for Lao students (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Khamfanh Khareun (Channel 3000)
... Profile: Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith (Global Times)
... Group visits route to freedom taken by Lao leaders in 1960 (VT)
... Four people killed in UXO-related accidents over 10 months (VT)
... Beekeeping trial to sweeten Champassak honey production (VT)
... Laos expresses condolences over passing of Fidel Castro (China)
... Free The Bears Laos and the Vile Bear Bile Trade (Man On the Lam)
... Viet Party chief visits Bolikhamsai province, concluding Laos visit (DCS)
... Lao Govt, Japan to further develop human resources in legal sector (VT)
... Laos, development partners to strengthen ties for effective cooperation (VT)

November 21-27, 2016

Hundreds of Lao police dismissed for corruption (VT)
Some 737 police officers have been dismissed from their posts over the past five years after taking bribes and abusing their power. More than 1,000 police officers were found to have violated laws and regulations including the 737 who were dismissed, the Khuamsangob newspaper reported. A report on the cases was presented at the recent fifth meeting on inspection affairs
Red dissidents in Laos silenced after warning (Nation or Bangkok Post)
Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan yesterday praised Laos’ decision to block the activities of Thai dissidents and lese-majeste offenders as requested by the Thai government, but admitted that |getting them extradited to the Kingdom for punishment remained unclear. “It is a pleasure to know that our neighbour has provided good cooperation for the matter by not allowing
More Alarms Over Next Hydropower Dam in Laos (VOA)
The Laos government is pressing ahead with a new dam on the Lower Mekong River, leading scientists and activists to warn of growing threats to regional food security. Laos informed the four-nation inter-governmental Mekong River Commission (MRC) earlier this month that preparatory work was under way on the 912-megawatt Pak Beng Dam in the northern province
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos, China partner in drug control (VT)
... Laos seeks clean city award (TTR Weekly)
... Laos records lowest inflation rate in 7 years (Sina)
... ADB, Microsoft, Laos join for youth scheme (Nation)
... WFP helps Lao farmers adapt to climate change (VT)
... Building relationships in Laos through medicine (DVIDS)
... Laos, partners all set to debate development priorities (VT)
... President gives development advice in Vientiane province (VT)
... Australia: Strengthening customs and trade ties with Laos (LLA)
... Heroin smugglers seized in Vietnam, Laos joint operation (VN Express)
... Xayaboury vocational school initiates solar power engineering course (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia benefit from development triangle mechanism (VN)
... Cabinet approves five decrees to boost economy, improve administration (VT)
... Almsgiving in Luang Prabang (MN)
... New Laos dam draws criticism (PPP)
... AirAsia creates new link to Laos (TDM)
... AirAsia starts second KL route to Laos (Anna)
... Ministry struggles to ensure quality food, drugs (VT)
... Laos aims to restore forest cover to 70 pct by 2020 (Sina)
... Several deals to be signed during Vietnam leader's visit (VT)
... Ministry drafts Safeguards Law to protect domestic producers (VT)
... As Laos Plans More Dams, Experts Urge Greater Protections (VOA)
... ADB, Microsoft, Lao Govt expand economic opportunities for youth (VT)
... Changing Mekong Currents Compound Dam Anxieties in Southeast Asia
... Lao amended investment law shortens concession period (Trader Planet)
... Laos joins race against the clock to overcome antimicrobial resistance (VT)
... Remoteness and neoliberal connectivity in two casino towns in Myanmar & Laos
... Lao Parliament spells out additional measures to drive development, growth (VT)
... 'Vicious capitalism' speeds up completion of first mainstream dam in Lower Mekong
... Lao Govt vows cutbacks in lavish spending (VT)
... Movie Maker - Mattie Do: Representing Laos (Film Ink)
... Laos: 5000tpd cement plant to be completed by 2018 (CN)
... Laos, Australia further strengthen customs cooperation (VT)
... Ratch delays plans for fourth unit at Hongsa plant in Laos (BP)
... Lao NA session ends after approving laws, financial targets (VT)
... Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong to pay official visit to Laos (VBN)
... Lao PM to attend Development Triangle summit in Cambodia (VT)
... Exiled Laotian musician brings Kaen music to the US (Global Herald)
... Friendship associations work to cement Vietnam-Lao relations (DCS)
... Irrigation systems all pumped up for dry season agriculture in Laos (VT)
... Lao-Hmong students share their New Years celebration (Hickory Record)
... As Laos' First Female Filmmaker, Mattie Do Shows What's 'Behind the Doors'
... Laos: amended investment law offers tax incentives, shortens concession period

November 14-20, 2016

Surveys underway on Vientiane-Hanoi highway route (VT)
Surveys are underway to identify possible routes for the Vientiane-Hanoi highway, which could pass through up to three Lao provinces to link the two capitals but the route has yet to be determined.  Based on information from surveys published on the ThanhNien News website on December 24 last year, the cost of a proposed 707-km route was estimated at US$4.52 billion.
Laos dam projects put entire region at risk (Bangkok Post)
Almost two weeks ago, Laos notified the Mekong River Commission (MRC) Secretariat of its intention to develop the Pak Beng dam on the mainstream Mekong River, following its previous notifications on the controversial Xayaburi and Don Sahong dams. There are indications that Laos' fourth mainstream project, the Xanakham dam, will be next.  This means the Pak Peng dam has
That Luang Festival celebrated in Vientiane, Laos (Global Times or VT)
Thousands of people gathered yesterday morning to give alms to monks at the That Luang esplanade, in a traditional ritual that is a highlight of the annual festival to pay homage to the That Luang stupa. Devotees dressed in traditional costume eagerly made their way to the esplanade carrying food and offerings, then looked for a comfortable spot to sit while waiting for
Mekong projects [like Laos' dam] ‘to kill biodiversity’ (Nation)
Development projects in the lower reaches of the Mekong River will take a great toll on the area’s biodiversity, experts have warned, with much of its fauna and flora facing imminent extinction. In the face of major projects, such as the plan for a navigation route on the Mekong from Chiang Rai province down to Luang Prabang in Laos, as well as a controversial dam
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Toshiba to equip Nam Ou 4 plant in Laos (WPM)
... Lao Dam Tests Regional Cooperation (RFA/MS)
... Vietnam, Laos accelerate investment projects (DCS)
... Lao PM vows to improve investment environment (VT)
... Findings of countrywide study on Lao youth revealed (VT)
... Laos reaffirms commitment to eliminate malnutrition (Sina)
... Law amendment to strengthen investment promotion in Laos (VT)
... Don Sahong Dam - disaster in the making that must be halted! (Ecologist)
... China, Laos bolster anti-terrorism, drug control cooperation (Talk Vietnam)
... Oakmont-based organization prepares Laotian women to make impact (TRIB)
... Singapore-Laos Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement Enter Into Force (CFO)
... Swiss-Lao project promotes newborn care (VT)
... Behind the Lens: From Lake Tahoe to Laos (Medium)
... Irish President Higgins begins visit to Laos today (RCH)
... Lao NA members in favour of retaining death penalty (VT)
... Luang Prabang sets sights on Asean clean city award (VT)
... RI, Laos explore stronger defense cooperation (Jakarta Post)
... Xayaburi dam: 'Testing ground for untried technologies' (CNA)
... Two road improvement projects halted in northern Laos' Huaphan (VT)
... ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Retreat begins in Laos (VietnamNet)
... FPT Vietnam brings online math puzzle contest version to Laos (Saigon)
... Inspection of Lao leaders, departments centres on legal amendments (VT)
... Lao-Thai-Viet: Two tigers killed or trafficked every week: report (Terra Daily)
... Laos' world heritage town to submit for ASEAN clean tourist city award (Sina)
... Laos' breeders abandon tilapia farms (VT)
... Lao Govt's six-month performance assessed (VT)
... Singapore-Laos tax treaty enters into force (MNE Tax)
... Lao Govt launches hotline for citizens to voice concerns (VT)
... Lao Lawmakers Approve New E-Waste Restrictions (RFA/MS)
... Lao, US organisations ink deal on joint development project (VT)
... Laos makes great strides in development: World Bank (Sina or VT)
... Soccer: Laos claim AFC Solidarity Cup third place (Ghana SoccerNet)
... Laos honors Vietnamese volunteer soldiers, specialists (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao Front elects Party leadership (VT)
... Temples, pagodas and inner peace (The Times)
... Lao Brewery provides education scholarships (VT)
... Civil body pushes for drug testing regime in Laos (Sina)
... Japan funds upgrade of UXO training centre in Laos (VT)
... Germany helps Laos develop infrastructure (Talk Vietnam)
... Stunning wax castle procession reflects rich Lao culture (VT)
... Lao-Hmong New Year celebration brings clans together (WQOW)
... HIV prevention project underway in southern Laos' Champassak (VT)
... Laos' law amendments to enhance livestock industry, food hygiene (VT)
... Toshiba Wins Major Orders for Nam Ou 4 Hydro Power Plant in Laos (PRP)
... Soccer: Nepal enter AFC Solidarity Cup final beating Laos 3-0 in tiebreaker (HT)
... Lao Govt bans commercial banana plantations to address environmental impacts

November 7-13, 2016

Elk Grove makes history: Meet America's first Lao-Hmong mayor (KCRA)
Ly’s story is an important chapter in American history. It’s the story of people escaping persecution. The Hmong were America’s allies fighting against the Communists in the secret war in Laos. Ly’s family fled the refugee camps of Southeast Asia and landed in America. The Hmong people are an ethnic group with their own language and culture –- but without a country.
Trafficked Twice, Lao Man Waits For Help to Go Home (RFA)
After escaping forced labor first on a rubber plantation and then on a fishing boat, a young Lao man now works at day jobs on an Indonesian island as he waits for help to go home, the former trafficking victim says. Lea, now 26 and a native of Nafai village in Savannakhet province’s Kaisone district, was first recruited as a teen to work in Thailand by a neighbor, he told RFA’s
Laos moves ahead with third contentious Mekong dam (AP/Stripes)
Laos has notified its Southeast Asian neighbors that it's moving ahead with a third contentious hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River's mainstream. The Mekong River Commission, an organization that groups together Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for joint management of the river, said in a statement it has received notice from Laos that it will undertake a process
Laos Submits a 3rd Mekong Dam Proposal (Khmer Times)
The government of Laos has submitted a request to the Mekong RC secretariat to construct a dam on the Mekong River in the country’s northern Oudomxay province. According to a statement released yesterday by the MRC – an intergovernmental body tasked with the sustainable management of the lower Mekong Basin which intersects Laos, Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia
He smuggled two young boys out of Laos in 1977, now they've reunited (MSN, CTV)
It was 1977 and the communists had taken over large swaths of southeast Asia. Refugees were crammed into camps and families torn apart.  Amidst this backdrop, two young boys were smuggled across the Mekong River to Thailand from Laos, the threat of trigger-happy soldiers on either bank a constant.  Now, 40 years later in Calgary, those once-small boys have reunited
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos: Choking off the Mekong (BP)
... The OMI Martyrs of Laos (Blog Spot)
... President of Ireland to visit Laos (VT)
... Laos to host music fest (TTR Weekly)
... Power line to Laos will ‘destroy forest’ (PPP)
... Stale cow viscera trade to Laos stopped (VBN)
... New Laos Dam Heightens Mekong Fears (Diplomat)
... Lao President congratulates US President-elect (VT)
... Villa Maly Greets Luang Prabang Film Festival 2016 (PR)
... Lao Govt, int'l organisations discuss SDG strategies (VT)
... Soccer: Laos join Macau, Brunei and Nepal in last four (BP)
... Lion doubles flights to Udon, near Laos' border (TTR Weekly)
... Luang Prabang awaits decision on Mekong railway bridge (VT)
... Lao NA members want new law on chemicals to be stricter (VT)
... Lao Govt proceeds with a 3rd planned Mekong hydro project (VT)
... Lao Lawmakers Approve Restrictive Amendment to Media Law (MS)
... Third Mekong Dam in Laos Puts Livelihoods at Risk (Cambodian Daily)
... Germany lends support to sustainable, inclusive development in Laos (VT)
... Laotian women get a feel for female entrepreneurship in Aomori (Japan Times)
... Laos to train tourism workers (TTR Weekly)
... Mongolia, Laos plan to launch meat trade (AKI Press)
... Lao NA members vow to tighten petition handling (VT)
... Fifty officials sanctioned for corruption in Saravan (VT)
... Soccer: Laos secure semi-final spot (Fox Sports Asia)
... Booths all set for brisk trade at That Luang festival (VT)
... Laos sanctions 50 provincial officials for corruption (Sina)
... Asean, China join forces to tackle transnational crime (VT)
... Lao NA approves draft-amended Law on Government (VT)
... Sanum v. Laos (Part I): The Singapore Court of Appeal 
    Affirms Tribunal’s Jurisdiction under the PRC-Laos BIT (KAB)
... Review of the Belmond La Résidence Phou Vao, Laos (T4FF)
... Macau Legend 3Q revenue higher after Laos acquisition (GGR Asia)
... Laos, Vietnam Armies Share Security Defence Experiences (Brunei Direct)
... Toyota Mekong Club Championship First Round: Lanexang United 2-1 SHB Da Nang
... ASEAN pushes for better understanding (VT)
... Police outline That Luang festival traffic plans (VT)
... Laos to host int'l music fest to boost tourism (Sina)
... ADB to help improve higher education in Laos (VT)
... Bananas in Laos' markets are not from Chinese farms (VT)
... Round Table meeting aims to advance Laos' development (VT)
... The Lao-Hmong Community Marks 40 Years In Wisconsin (WC)
... Lao NA approves draft amendment to Law on Public Roads (VT)
... Vietnamese expats in Laos support flood victims in central region (VNA)
... Poverty reduction slows in Laos (VT)
... Laos considering "halt to mining" (Sina)
... Laos' Mekong dam: A call for basin-wide energy plans (BP)
... Weather bureau forecasts cool weather with rain in Laos (VT)
... ADB grants US$ 20m to combat HIV in Laos, Vietnam (AsiaOne)
... Fish experts to confer on enhanced regional fisheries productivity (VT)
... New border crossings between Laos, Cambodia to boost trade & investment
... NA members want new law to ban import of discarded electronic goods in Laos
... Sabre and SilkAir back Laos growth (BTN)
... Laos, Russia to partner in scientific studies (VT)
... Laos Celebrates 'Confucius Institute Day' (WoC)
... MCCI to organize trade mission to Laos (Sun Star)
... Lao authorities meet on proposed Law of Treaties (VT)
... Workforce in Laos fails to meet needs of job market (VT)
... Media law approved, but needs more changes: Lao NA (VT)
... Chinese embassy donates libraries for Lao schools (ECNS)
... Lao NA members agree their performance must improve (VT)
... Soldiers in secret U.S. army to be honored in Milwaukee (WISN)
... Irish President begins eight-day visit to Vietnam and Laos (Irish Times)
... University of Laos celebrates 20th anniversary with bold aspirations (VT)
... AFC suspends 4 Laos players for alleged match manipulation (AP/Yahoo)
... Mattie Do, Laos’ Sole Female Director, Scares Up Attention With Dearest Sister
... Photos: Lao-Hmong New Year a time to reflect on past, seek new beginnings (ST)

Oct 31-Nov 6, 2016

Lao Prime Minister Vows Teachers Will be Paid (RFA)
Responding this week to appeals by Lao schoolteachers who have gone unpaid for months, Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith ordered that teachers receive their salaries on time, threatening to punish officials found blocking or diverting their pay. “From now on, no one is allowed to use funds budgeted for teachers’ salaries for other purposes,” Thongloun told a meeting
US funds construction of Lao-American Nutrition Institute (VT or BD)
The United States government has provided US$3.7 million or about 30 billion kip for the construction of the Lao-American Nutrition Institute (LANI) in Dongphosy village, Hadxaifong district, Vientiane.  A groundbreaking ceremony for the Lao-American Nutrition Institute took place in Dongphosy village on Wed. morning, attended by Minister of Health, Dr. Bounkong Syhavong
US - Helping Girls Learn in Laos (VOA)
Susan Markham, Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment for the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, wrapped up a five-day visit to Lao PDR in October during which she met Lao education officials and visited schools to pave the way for the expansion of the U.S. Govt’s Let Girls Learn initiative to Laos, which President Barack Obama announced
That Luang stupa gilded with a new 10kg gold crown (VT)
Vientiane authorities yesterday placed almost 10 kilogrammes of gold atop the That Luang Stupa to mark the 450th anniversary of the stupa's construction. The ceremony was attended by President Bounnhang Vorachit, Vientiane Mayor Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Bouangeun Xaphouvong, monks and other Buddhists.
Laos bolsters efforts to stop illegal wildlife trade (Sina)
Laos is stepping up its efforts to end illegal wildlife trade after the signing of Cooperative Action to Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade project. The agreement was signed by Khamphout Phandanouvong, director general of the Department of Forest Inspection under Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and Christopher Holmes, director of Conservation Initiatives for the Mekong Region
Other stories about Laos around the world
... TCEB on Lao’s ascent (Exhibition World)
... University needs to raise standards: Lao PM (VT)
... Chicken farm stink raised at Lao National Assembly (VT)
... Irrawaddy dolphins functionally extinct in Laos: Survey (VT)
... Soccer: It's beginner's luck for Laos debutant Sonthanalay (GSN)
... Ceilings imposed to lower interest rates: Laos' bank governor (VT)
... Asian Solidarity Cup Soccer Tournament: Laos pips Sri Lanka 2-1 (DN)
... Mass organisations comment on Lao NA, government performance (VT)
... Lao-Hmong colonel who saved 7 U.S. pilots to be laid to rest in St. Paul (PP)
... Lao Govt, development partners prepare for polio vaccination campaign (VT)
... Where time stands still: The serene river islands of Si Phan Don in Laos (TWA)
... Northwoods ophthalmologist brings newest surgery techniques to Laos (WJFW)
... Lao cuts airport project (TTR Weekly)
... Akaryn to launch in Vientiane (Bangkok Post)
... SilkAir: Luang Prabang calling (Today Online)
... Lao PM vows zero tolerance of corruption (VT)
... Events: Luang Prabang Film Festival (TTG Asia)
... Danang supports projects in Laos (TTR Weekly)
... ACIAR extends support to forestry sector in Laos (VT)
... Dishonesty affects justice, Lao NA members say (VT)
... Lao authorities to continue supporting Decent Work (VT)
... Lao Villagers Barred From Asking Questions on Railway Project (MS)
... Laos, China's Jilin province agree to expand production capacity cooperation (CT)
... Lao legislators ask livestock producers, banana plantations to act on pollution concerns
... Clearing bombs in Laos (WCN)
... SilkAir starts two new routes to Laos (Anna Aero)
... Laos bolsters efforts to stop illegal wildlife trade (FG)
... Laos, China agree to strengthen border security (VT)
... Laos Road Trip: Adventure on the Open Road (Ecophiles)
... Lao PM reveals measures to bolster economic growth (VT)
... Lao National Assembly pushes for judiciary improvement (VT)
... Central Laos: Road building bogged down in Xaysomboun (VT)
... Project aims to provide skills training for young Lao people (VT)
... Vientiane tenders second phase of China-Laos Railway project (Asset)
... What Are the Challenges Facing Lao Hill-Tribe Coffee Farmers? (PDG)
... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia boost economic cooperation until 2030 (VBN)
... Luxembourg, Swiss govts lend support to tourism, hospitality sector (VT)
... Kindergarten built in Laos as gift of Vietnam’s embassy, company (Talk Vietnam)
... Obama and the US secret war in Laos (Word Press)
... SPNN to show Lao-Hmong documentary (Star Tribune)
... Round table meeting to boost development in Laos (VT)
... Stitches in time help save ancient Iu-Mien culture (SacBee)
... Chinese group backs poverty eradication efforts in Laos (VT)
... Lao NA members want tougher oversight on chemical use (VT)
... China sponsors vehicles for ASEAN Mayors Forum in Laos (Sina)
... SilkAir launches Singapore-Vientiane-Luang Prabang flights (TDM)
... Silkair’s Inaugural Flight To Laos Takes To The Skies Today (eGTM)
... Minister vows action against out-of-date, contaminated foods in Laos (VT)
... A Waterfight Like No Other May Be Brewing Over Asia’s Rivers (Bloomberg)
... 5 best honeymoon destinations in South East Asia - one of them is Laos (India)
... Cambodian Deputy PM observes fish passage improvements at Don Sahong dam
... Lao-Hmong man charged with rape of Brockton student, held on $25K bail (Telegram)
... City authorities ready for That Luang celebrations (VT)
... Protesters Want Mekong Dams Stopped (Khmer Times)
... Child Fund Australia supports children in Xieng Khuang (VT)
... Northern Laos' Bokeo airport upgrade likely to be delayed (VT)
... Lao Table Might Be S.F.’s Most Beautiful Restaurant (SF Weekly)
... Laos: Mental health expert calls for more support for sufferers (VT)
... Ministry demands closure of factory, chicken farm in Vientiane (VT)
... ANZ still looking to exit Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (Reuters)
... 5 Asian alternatives [one of them is Laos] to the Philippines for Americans
... Brief: Chaoyue Group says unit entered into a MOU with Central Bank Of Laos
... After fleeing Laos in 1975, Hunan's owners return to give back to their home country
... 2.4 trillions of kip (~ US$ 295 mil) in earnings go unreported by Lao Govt bodies (VT)

October 24-30, 2016

Energy sector to become major GDP contributor in Laos: minister (Sina)
The economy of Laos will grow 7 percent next year thanks to the growth of energy sector, Lao Minister of Planning and Investment Souphanh Keomixay told the parliament. Industrial sector will grow by 8.9 percent and will contribute 37.2 percent of GDP, and the energy sector will undergo considerable growth, with several hydropower plants set to come online and begin energy
Irrawaddy dolphins functionally extinct in Laos (Phys or WPTV)
The population of critically endangered Mekong River Dolphins—also known as Irrawaddy Dolphins — in the Cheuteal trans-boundary pool between southern Laos and northern Cambodia has shrunk by 50 per cent this year alone and the population is functionally extinct in Laos, according to WWF. WWF survey teams from Laos and Cambodia conducted a dolphin abundance survey
Wind energy in Laos: Vestas wind turbines for a wind farm (EVwind)
Impact Electrons Siam Co Ltd (IES) has selected Danish-based wind turbine manufacturer Vestas as preferred technology/EPC partner to develop a 600 MW wind energy project in southern Laos. The project, which can be completed in 2020, is set to become the largest wind farm in Asean... Located near the Sekong River and linked to Pak Se, across from Ubon Ratchchathani province
China-Laos railway to become a demonstration project (ECNS)
China-Laos railway will be built to become a demonstration project in "Go Global" strategy, said Chinese companies participating in a symposium held in the Lao capital of Vientiane on Monday. At the symposium, Zhao Xiang, Director General of the Laos-China Railway Company provided relevant information on Lao taxation, project investment, visa processing, personnel issues
Motorbikes involved in 95 pct of road accidents in Laos (Sina)
Motorbikes were involved in 95 percent of the accidents in Laos during Oct. 3-16, with 90 percent of those dying in accidents being male, according to Traffic Police Department under Lao Ministry of Public Security. As many as 331 road accidents occurred across the country during the period, resulting in 38 fatalities. Meanwhile, 49 others were critically injured in the accidents, 168 people
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... Laos keep tabs on passengers (TTR Weekly)
... Lao Govt talks tough in a bid to save money (VT)
... 4,369b kip needed to repair riverbank erosion (VT)
... Da Nang - Champasak route reopens (VietnamNet)
... Only 3 Irrawaddy dolphins remain in Laos (Mongabay)
... Luang Prabang, Laos, in three days (Myanmar Times)
... Petrolimex Laos – a bright spot in Vietnam’s investment (VOV)
... Agricultural research in Laos' remote areas to be extended (VT)
... Unlawful financial institutions in Laos warned of legal action (VT)
... Authorities bolster efforts to stem illegal wildlife trade in Laos (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos Parties step up propaganda information exchanges (VBN)
... 500m yuan payout for property owners alongside railway may be too small (VT)
... Lao NA hotline helps public air concerns (VT)
... Rice production in Laos yet to meet target (VT)
... Improving the coordination of nutrition in Laos (VT)
... A visit to the Land of a Million Elephants (Malay Mail)
... Event pays tribute to Lao-Hmongs' role in Vietnam War (PNJ)
... Portraits of People and their Dogs in Rural Laos (Feature Shoot)
... Vietnam, Laos agree to build highway connecting two capitals (TTN)
... Lao Govt seeks to increase bank deposits to 84 percent of GDP (VT)
... Assembly outlines plans for govt to spur growth, revenue collection in Laos (VT)
... Lao Guards Ignore Govt Edict as They Continue to Pocket Crossing Fees (RFA)
... Anti-corruption, strict discipline hallmark of new CPC leadership, says Laos scholar
... China, Laos to jointly produce movie (Sina)
... Lao parliament calls for full revenue collection (VT)
... Laos: Speak more loudly, whistleblowers urged (VT)
... Laos, Sweden mull partnership in urban transport (VT)
... USAID funds project to monitor HIV prevalence in Laos (VT)
... Commission consults on child rights convention in Laos (VT)
... Vietnamese, Lao Prime Ministers meet in Hanoi (VietnamNews)
... Laos and Cambodia Dinner Party Menu Complete with Recipes (C&F)
... Laotians travel to Great Falls to learn about business and non-profits (KXLH)
... Southern Laos wins PATA CEO Challenge Top Destination 2016 Award (TDN)
... At peace in a sacred temple in Laos (Irish Times)
... Lao NA session opens to debate national issues (VT)
... Lao Govt asks parliament to lower growth targets (VT)
... Laos parliament discusses socio-economic development (Sina)
... Ending malnutrition in Laos key to sustainable development (VT)
... Laos: It's Now Safe To Visit This Mysterious Danger Zone (Forbes)
... Construction, consultancy firms sign on for Laos-China railway (VT)
... Two Laotians caught smuggling 69 heroin packs into Vietnam (TTN)
... Winning Numbers 'Fixed' in Laos National Lottery, Sources Say (RFA)
... Lao population growth slower in past ten years: census (Global Times)
... Lao Govt to rein in spending (VT)
... Laos fest showcases PH cinema (Enquirer)
... Soccer: Brunei Go Down Fighting to Laos (BD)
... Laos to host int'l badminton tournament (China)
... EU scholarships now available for Lao students (VT)
... Soccer: Sivisay unsure of future after Laos failure (Sports247)
... Laos Seeks Heritage Status for Hin Nam No (Mekong Tourism)
... Voluntourism: Construction and Renovation in Laos (Trazee Travel)
... Census results announced: Laos has more males than females (VT)
... Sleep Well At White Orchid Guest House In Phonsavan, Laos (Trip101)
... Laos: Tax dodging traders sneaking through rural border crossings (VT)
... Lao PM holds first dialogue with Vietnamese business community (VietnamNet)

October 17-23, 2016

Lao Brewery Company Hit With Pollution Complaints (RFA)
The Lao Brewery Co. may produce the country’s most popular beer, but the company is out of favor in the village neighboring its brewery in Vientiane, where residents there blame it for polluting the air and water. “There is a bad smell, and we cannot use the water in the marsh and canal because it is dirty,” a resident of the Salakham village told RFA’s Lao Service.
Lao PM announces continued suspension of mining concessions (VT)
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith said yesterday the government will maintain the moratorium on new mining concessions because it needs more time to inspect a number of operations.  The prime minister was speaking at a three-day conference taking place at the National Convention Centre for mining sector officials from around the country and private investors in the industry.
VR & drones could unlock secrets about the mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos (ABC)
Ancient, monumental sandstone jars up to two-and-a-half metres high dot the landscape in central Laos in seemingly random patterns — what was their purpose? Who built the sites? Where did they live? These questions have perplexed locals and visitors for centuries but now researchers from Australia's Monash University and the Australian National University are using drone technology
Laos seeks US counterweight to Chinese dependence (Nikkei)
Laos' new government is making a delicate diplomatic pivot away from huge neighbor China, its chief source of investment, and toward faraway superpower America despite their troubled history. In an encouraging move, Barack Obama last month became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the landlocked Southeast Asian nation. Ordinary Laotians watched rapt media coverage of Obama
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... Laos seeks heritage status (TTR Weekly)
... Bird Flu Outbreak Found in Laos (Poultry Site)
... Laos to pilot electric buses in capital city (Sina)
... The Low-Key Pleasures of Laos (Fathom Away)
... Soccer: Brunei Confident of Beating in Laos (BD)
... Laos makes strides towards poverty alleviation (VT)
... Renovation of That Luang stupa almost complete (VT)
... AFF Suzuki Cup preview: Brunei v Laos (FoxSports Asia)
... Int’l conference on social sciences in Laos (Vietnam Plus)
... Lao-Thai Border: A Visit to the Mother River (Huffington Post)
... Vietnamese, Lao women enhance cooperation (Vietnam Plus)
... President urges Luang Prabang to make full use of potential (VT)
... IACD helps improve mobile medical services in central Laos (VT)
... Authorities mull solution to business suspensions in Vientiane (VT)
... Trace a Culture from Past to Present at Hmong New Year Celebration (BW)
... Laos launches second labour survey (VT)
... Laos: Floating away bad luck (Statesman)
... Lao NA to hold first ordinary session next week (VT)
... Laos' airports to install advanced security systems (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia eye social sciences boost (VT)
... Mekong effort fails after years of foreign funding (Salt Lake Tribune)
... Lao PM advises Champassk on salary payments, drug control (VT)
... Soccer: Laos edge 2-1 win over Timor Leste to keep hopes alive (FoxSport)
... Brooklyn Horror Film Festival special report: Sex, Laos, and videotape (EW)
... Shade Grown & Wet Processed: Laos’ Developing Specialty Industry (PDG)
... President advises on Lao NA's role (VT)
... Soccer: Preview: Timor Leste vs Laos (Fox SA)
... Laos: Ministry appoints new deputy, senior officials (VT)
... Attapeu airport potential examined during PM's visit (VT)
... JDB crew triumphs in Vientiane traditional boat race (VT)
... Laos, Indonesia, Taiwan record new avian flu cases (WATTagNet)
... A Hidden Gem in Laos: The Stunning Kuang Si Waterfalls (iExplore)
... Samsung offers full refund, exchange of Galaxy Note7s in Laos (VT)
... Lao, Vietnamese journalists' associations agree to strengthen ties (VT)
... 2 Lao people arrested with 500 kg chemicals used to make drug (Global Times)
... East Asian refugee communities (Lao-Hmong) in Twin Cities decry deportations
... Southern Laos and China named as winners in PATA CEO Challenge 2016 (TDN)
... Laos joining forces to battle drug problem (VT)
... Lao businesses join efforts to fight malnutrition (VT)
... Stunning Rainforest Retreat In Laos (Amazing Pics)
... Buddhist Lent in Laos ends in an evening of colour (VT)
... Former President visits central, southern provinces (VT)
... Number of issues to be discussed at Lao NA session (VT)
... Experience: I broke my back twice [one in Laos] (Guardian)
... My Thoughts On Visiting Luang Prabang, Laos (1mile@atime)
... Lao: Revenue shortfall drives budget deficit abnormally high (VT)
... Notre Dame nursing students help Laos Health Care Service (CN)
... Soccer: Cambodia Shines as Chhoeun Downs Laos in AFF Cup (KT)
... Vietnamese Government grants scholarships to expat students in Laos (ND)

October 10-16, 2016

Laos orders factory to stop recycling spent beer malt over pollution ... (RFA)
The Lao government ordered a factory in the capital Vientiane that recycles 80 tons of spent beer malt a day to shut down after its owners failed to control pollution from the process, RFA’s Lao Service has learned. “We have suffered from the bad smell for over a year since the factory started operations,” Doung village chief Sinakhone Khottaphome told RFA’s Lao Service. 
Japanese companies get big break in Laos (Nikkei Asian Review)
Laos' patent authority has decided to recognize patents on technologies that have been granted in Japan. The decision will allow Japanese companies to skip a slow screening process when moving operations to Laos. Thanks to the arrangement between the two countries' patent authorities -- the Japan Patent Office and Laos' Intellectual Property Department -- Japanese companies will be
Thailand's superiority complex toward Laos is in need of a change (China Post)
"Damn, they're so Lao," Pongsaton Gitprachaya was reported to have said while covering the Motor Expo in Vientiane posted on his Facebook, referring to pictures taken at the event by the Lao photographers. He believed he could have taken better pictures than the Lao photographers did. The issue made headlines in Thailand's The Nation, which admitted that such insults happen on
Seat quotas up on Thai-Lao air routes (TTR Weekly)
Weekly airline seat quotas on routes between Thailand and Laos have been substantially increased in a bid to promote trade, investment and tourism between the two countries. Thai and Lao officials approved, last week, a revised Thai-Lao accord that increases the ceiling on seat capacity on routes between the two countries to as many as 14,500 seats weekly depending on the route.
Laos to start collecting 10% VAT at customs in November (Sina)
The Customs Department under Laos' Ministry of Finance will begin collecting Valued Added Tax (VAT) payments in November. The tax will be collected at the first Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge between Thailand's Nong Khai province and Laos' capital Vientiane followed by the other international border crossings, Bounpaseuth Sikounlabout, acting Director General
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... Warriors face Laos in Suzuki Cup qualifier (PPP)
... Unregulated signage proliferates in Vientiane (VT)
... Vientiane: Roads still open for boat racing festival (VT)
... Onyx Hospitality plans Laos debut for Vang Vieng (HM)
... Laos, Thailand promote tourism cooperation (Sina or VT)
... Luang Prabang in Laos – You Will Never Want to Leave (C&F)
... Four killed in central Laos' Borikhamxay gold mining collapse (VT)
... US illegally cluster bombs Laos, and now Yemen (Times of Israel)
... NA president urges better economic zone management in Laos (VT)
... Promotion of Chinese language education discussed in Laos (XinhuaNet)
... Soccer: Laos, Brunei & Timor Leste Look to Outgun Cambodian Hosts (KT)
... Tackling project bottlenecks to improve development outcomes in Laos (VT)
... Lao Meth Smuggler Arrested (Khmer Times)
... Lao PM urges more efforts in research work (VT)
... Lao officials trained for China-Laos railway (Sina)
... Cruising through the wonderful Laos! (Deviant World)
... Lao Government orders recycling factory shutdown (VT)
... Paleo Dinner Recipes: Laos Inspired Spicy Beef (CMDB)
... The Hidden Caves of an Underground Society in Laos (Ozy)
... Soccer: Laos held at home; Timor concede again (Sports 247)
... Luang Prabang, Laos, in three days: holiday itinerary (Guardian)
... Thailand and Laos start annual longboat competition (Coconuts)
... Chinese top political advisor meets Lao delegation (Global Times)
... Fresh and fantastic Laotian cuisine at Vientiane (Arkansas Times)
... More Bridges Expected between Thailand, Laos (Mekong Tourism)
... Deputy PM pays working visit to Savannakhet and Khammuan (VT)
... Govt gives green light to Vientiane province cement production (VT)
... Northern Laos: Huaphan airport delays leave steel frames rusting (VT)
... Lao enterprises seek greater access to Chinese market (Global Times)
... Lao PM ask youths to sacrifice for national development, protection (VT)
... Exhibition on Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos comes to Savannakhet (Talk Vietnam)
... These eco-resorts in Laos are nestled in the thick of jungles, villages and islands
... Education in Laos feels the financial squeeze as premier wants booze out of the mix
... Five Fun Things to Do in Vang Vieng, Laos (Trip Zilla)
... InfoSat-Laos DTH platform on Thaicom (Advanced-TV)
... Paklai bridge in central Laos to be earthquake resistant (VT)
... China, Laos promote trade exchanges through off-road rally (Sina)
... Authorities confirm contractor responsible for roadside repairs (VT)
... Laos: Update on wooden product exports allowed and prohibited (VT)
... Bus passengers in Vientiane to benefit from new tracking systems (VT)
... HinNamnor in central Laos ready for UNESCO submission next year (VT)
... Stakeholders hope capacity building continues once programme ends (VT)
... Louisiana puts up hurdles to keep immigrants (i.e. Laotians) from getting married
... Hor Pha Keo restoration continues (VT)
... Laos reaffirms continuing cooperation under ACD (VT)
... Pakxong Adventure revs up its southern 4wd tours (VT)
... Viet Deputy PM suggests increased ties with Laos (DCS)
... Flood victims in northern Laos still in need of assistance (VT)
... U.S. Paves The Way For Let Girls Learn Initiative In Laos (BD)
... Asean officials further enhance their single aviation market (VT)
... China's Xinjiang cultural features introduced in Laos (XinhuaNet)
... EU provides relief to flood-affected families in Laos (Global Times)
... KOICA to fund US$7 million maternal, child healthcare project (VT)
... Laos: Dr. Chantharavady Choulamany Wins 5th Annual Dr. Guislain ... (PRN)
... Laos Travel Alert (Infozine)
... Xayaboury girl takes out Miss Laos 2016 (VT)
... Why traffickers of animals love Laos (Gulf News)
... Vientiane: Boat racing finish line moved again (VT)
... Stolen vehicles difficult to sell in Laos, officials say (VT)
... Growth Prospects Buoyant For Laos Up To 2018 (JC Lao)
... Laos' auditor discovers 3 trillion kip in unreported revenue (VT)
... Walkers celebrate disabled and elderly people in Vientiane (VT)
... Laos benefits from EU-funded chemical risk mitigation initiative (VT)
... Sustainable Development Goals spur progress in Laos, PM tells (Nation)
... Teach in Laos - Volunteer in Laos villages with Openmind Projects (Idealist)

October 3-9, 2016

Vietnam sweats bullets as China and Laos dam the Mekong (Mongabay)
Seven dams are already operating on the Lancang River (the Chinese portion of the Mekong) in the steep gorges of Yunnan province. Another mainstream dam is nearing completion in upper Laos, construction will soon begin on yet another at the Don Sahong rapids just north of the Laos-Cambodia border, and nine more are projected — seven in Laos and two in Cambodia.
Laos: Prehistoric mysteries, tropical islands & the end of 'death swings' (Independent)
Delightfully languid Laos is often overlooked in favour of its better-known neighbours (Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia), but this is a mistake. Gilded temples, monk processions and boutique hotel bliss lure most of its visitors to the romantic Unesco-listed city of Luang Prabang. Venturing further afield, however, rewards with cascading aquamarine waterfalls, mysterious ancient relics
‘Lao are lazy’: The problem with ‘Thai superiority’ (Nation)
It happens on a daily basis all across Thailand. The casual insults come from a sense of superiority ingrained since school days: “Thais are better than their neighbours, the Lao.” The insults usually don't reach Lao ears and so are rarely challenged. Last week, however, a Thai photographer was forced to apologise for a defamatory remark he made while covering the Vientiane Moto Expo.
Company wins appeal against Laos government (Straits Times)
A Macau-based company has won its appeal against the Laos government in a case before the Appeal Court in Singapore. Sanum Investments had tried to seek redress under a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) signed by Laos and China in 1993, for its claim of capital investment benefit losses through unfair taxes by the Laos government.
Following My Fixer into the Underground in Laos (Perceptive Travel)
Kevin was my fixer in Laos. You don't have to look for guys like Kevin because they find you. They are that in-your-face crowd of tuk-tuk, taxi, and private car drivers that hang outside third world airport baggage claim areas like wolves waiting to pick off straggling sheep. They are overpowering the first time you encounter them; easily dismissed as hustlers trying to make a buck
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... Polio Resurfaces in Laos (Reuters/SA)
... Vietnam, Laos to develop joint power projects (VOV)
... Vietnam firm eyes transferring sugar mill in Laos (VT)
... Laos' low unemployment rate called into question (Sina)
... Low unemployment rate in Laos called into question (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam to further enhance special solidarity ties (VT)
... Laos, Cambodia to benefit from new border checkpoint (VT)
... Most Soukhoumma teachers in southern Laos still not paid (VT)
... Growth prospects buoyant for Laos up to 2018 (Shanghai Daily)
... Laos Adds SDG18 to Handle Unexploded American Bombs (IDN)
... Vientiane: Compensation unacceptable with continuous pollution (VT)
... Quang Nam, Laos’ Sekong province work for closer connection (VBN)
... Appeal won against Laos government sets new standards for both SARs (MDT)
... WB says Laos’s growth to continue but faces increasing downside risks (Nation)
... Happy reader to fly to Laos (Straits Times)
... Amari makes triple entry into Laos (Travel DM)
... Tak-Bat: Giving Alms in Vientiane Laos (Go Nomad)
... Lao Supreme Court pledges better justice delivery (VT)
... Vietcombank plans to open subsidiary bank in Laos (VBN)
... Champassak embankment start slated for December (VT)
... Laos: Cloud of uncertainty hangs over polluting factory (VT)
... ONYX marks first entry to Laos with three Amari hotels (ETB)
... US: Lao-Hmong women form PAC to wield political clout (MPR)
... Replacements underway in Laos for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (VT)
... Laos: Growth to continue but economy faces significant risks (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos pledge to give highest priority to bilateral ties (DCS)
... Laos: Cleaning up duds is a cost of war -- Robert Firlus (Wisc SJ)
... Vietnam continues buying electricity from China, Laos (Saigon Times)
... Lao Govt, development partners discuss statistics development strategy (VT)
... Merali Foundation Renews Scholarship Program for Women in Cambodia, Laos...(AF)
... More Lao Food for D.C. (Washington CP)
... Vientiane-Attapeu flights starting to takeoff (VT)
... Sanum outflanks Laos Government (Macau BD)
... VCSBE renews Vientiane's bus shelter contract (VT)
... Soccer: Lanexang, the new champions of Laos (Sports247)
... Lao-Hmong in US - Obituary:  Chong Cha Vang (Channel3000)
... Better access to lawyers, justice services expected in Laos (VT)
... Lao delegation attends world tourism conference in Vietnam (VT)
... Students gather for second Model Asean Meeting in Vientiane (VT)
... Silver Heritage rejigs Laos deal, focus on Nepal, Vietnam (GGR Asia)
... Silver Heritage assigns Laos electronic gaming machines agreements (KA)
... Japan provides 500 million yen (~US$ 4.87 mil) non-project grant to Laos (VT)
... Asean summit provides platform for Laos’ revamped foreign policy (SEA-Globe)
... Xayaboury all set for boat racing festivals (VT)
... Teachers must work harder: Lao minister (VT)
... Two Students Dead in Lao Bridge Collapse (RFA)
... The Face Shop Thailand to open Laos store (GCN)
... Building resilience to climate change in Laos (FAO)
... Detained Lao Worker Sees Family in First Visit (RFA)
... Overcrowding caused bridge collapse: Lao official (VT)
... Chinese medics to provide free cataract surgery in Laos (Sina)
... Laos set to launch mountainside rocket festival site (AsiaNews)
... Vientiane prepares for 450th anniversary of That Luang Stupa (VT)
... Laos and USA make peace thanks to a fascinating blond (West-Info)
... 84 companies in Vientiane ordered to temporarily suspend operations (VT)
... CDC to pregnant women: Avoid travel to Laos, 10 other Asian countries (LAW)
... Two children drown after Laos bridge collapse (MS)
... Laos' Annita graces Mahason magazine cover (Nation)
... 6 unique things to do in the central provinces of Laos (MSN)
... The Hidden Caves of an Underground Society in Laos (Yahoo)
... Down South | Thoughts on Laos and on traversing its borders (IA)
... Southern Laos Launches Charming New Video (Mekong Tourism)
... Village Based, Responsible Eco Tourism, Teaching in Laos (Idealist)
... New Vietnamese course opens for staff of Laos’ Ministry of Security (VBN)
... Laos: What's the ethnics of riding elephants at Mekong Elephant Camp? (CG)
... Laos to make submission to UNESCO for world heritage listing of Plain of Jars (Sina)

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