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August 14-20, 2017

Lao firm Kolao breaks ground with Thai bond issue (Nation)
LAOS-BASED Kolao Group has become the first private company from that country to tap the Thai corporate bond market, raising US$25 million in a private placement today. “We raised the funds from the Thai capital market in order to pay back some of our bonds that we issued in the Singapore capital market three years ago,” the company’s global coordination division director
China-Lao-Thai: Fast train to where, exactly? (Bangkok Post)
The rail line, to be completed in 2021, would extend to provide a fast gateway to Laos, where China is currently building a high-speed rail line. But more importantly, policymakers hope to see a network eventually connecting to lands farther afield. Seen as the bedrock for a vast high-speed rail network in Southeast Asia, its rails reaching like tentacles across the region, the Chinese-built
Laos Says It Will Withdraw Troops as Cambodia's Hun Sen Visits (Reuters, VT)
Cambodia and Laos reached an agreement on Saturday for Lao soldiers to pull back from their shared border after Cambodia accused Laos of sending troops into its territory, the leaders of both countries said. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday dispatched forces to the border and issued an ultimatum for Laos to withdraw the soldiers by Thursday. The Cambodian strongman
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Commission discusses child protection (VT)
... Laos continues to face budgetary tension: deputy PM (Sina)
... Lao NA, Govt discuss development impacts, compensation (VT)
... Laos eyes three gold medals at 29th SEA Games (VietnamPlus)
... Child literacy, school meals in Savannakhet with US support (VT)
... Viet Embassy in Laos raises funds to support flood victims (DCS)
... Chinaimo-Bo O-Xayfong Road Construction 60% Completed (KPL)
... Lao Govt officials discuss land management and development (VT)
... Young Hanoians engage in voluntary work in Vientiane (VietnamPlus)
... Maintaining traditional Laos-Cambodia ties in mutual interests (Nation)
... Lao Heritage Town to host 5th annual half marathon event (XinhuaNet)
... Qualifications up for grabs with carpentry courses undersubscribed (VT)
... Troops Pull Back From Disputed Areas After Lao, Cambodian PMs Meet (RFA)

... Health of girls gets support from S. Korea (VT)
... Lao People's Court marks 35th anniversary (VT)
... LFA requests prior to wood quota increasing (VT)
... Laos withdraws troops after Hun Sen ultimatum (PPP)
... Cambodian PM blasts Lao Foreign Minister (Khmer Times)
... Sengsavanh success in Asean youth entrepreneurship award (VT)
... Value-added tax to replace guesswork in raising revenue from SMEs (VT)
... Cambodia, Laos Agree to Withdraw Troops From Border-Dispute Zone (VOA)
... Incentives to promote commercial planting of trees under proposed decree (VT)
... Cambodian Critic Charged Over Comment on Laos Troop Deployment (US News)
... Weavers raw over rising silk prices (VT)
... Lao auditors target 590 government units (VT)
... Laos Marks 50th Anniversary of ASEAN (KPL)
... Laos Border Dispute Leads to Critic’s Arrest (CD)
... Laos to withdraw troops after Cambodia threat (Aljazeera)
... What’s behind Cambodia-Laos’ border flare-up? (Asia Times)
... Govt Donates Millions Kip to Relieve Flood Victims in Oudomxay (KPL)
... Cambodia gives ultimatum to Laos over 'border invasion' (iPhone Fresh)
... Laos, India further enhance trade, investment, tourism cooperation (Nation)
... China Grants CNY 78 Million ($12M) Funding Construction of VIP Dining Ballroom (KPL)

August 7-13, 2017

Northern Laos: A Trekker’s Paradise, Never Mind the Breakfasts (Go Nomad)
The town of Phongsali sits high in the clouds in that little northern tip of Laos that juts into the belly of southern China. On the dusty main drag, I could look down at a fog-shrouded valley that stretches into China only 10 miles away. This is the eastern edge of the Himalayas, and jet-black mountain tops stuck up through the clouds as I walked the street looking for a bowl of noodles.
Want to Invest in Laos? This is Why You Shouldn’t (Invest Asian)
Laos is one of the fastest growing nations in Asia. Strong exports and a burgeoning service sector helped its economy surge by 6.8% in 2016. The Asian Development Bank predicts even faster GDP growth of more than 7% going forward. Meanwhile, foreign investment in Laos surging – especially from its much larger neighbor. China is pouring record amounts of capital into nearby countries through the One Belt One Road initiative. Laos is one of the main beneficiaries. The fact that Laos borders five other nations, including China, makes it a primetarget to
MandaLao: Is this Laos' most responsible elephant retreat? (CNN)
A trip to MandaLao elephant camp is a different experience to visiting a typical elephant camp in Laos or Thailand. There are no elephant rides. No circus tricks. No evening elephant dances. Instead, the humans simply observe as these huge mammals splash in the river, wrestle in the grass, and snack on the forest canopy. It's a stark contrast to the rest of Southeast Asia, where
Asean's golden jubilee: 5 interesting things about Laos (Straits Times)
Find one of the world's top Buddhist monuments: Originally built in the third century at the same time Vientiane was established, That Luang stupa is the symbol of Laos. It was built to house the bones of Lord Buddha, but the original structure was renovated on the orders of King Saysetthathirath when he moved the Lao capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane in 1560.
Laos-China railway brings changes to Laos (Sina or China)
In northern and central Laos,mountains seem to reign the area where population is scarce. Therewas almost nothing but primeval forests and traces ofslash-and-burn cultivation left by mountainous residents. However, since December 2016, within half a year since thebeginning of construction of China-Laos railway, the area has beenwitnessing massive changes.
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... Laos' booming tourism industry (Madison)
... Laos River Village Project (Exodus Travels)
... Lao Furniture Industry Lacks Skilled Labour (KPL)
... New road to reduce traffic congestion in capital's south (VT)
... Laos-China railway brings changes to Laos (Mekong Tourism)
... Achieve lagging millennium goals, targets, Lao PM instructs (VT)
... N. Laos' Oudomxay gears up to improve basic infrastructure (VT)
... Manipur CM Bats for People to People Connectivity in Laos (NET)
... Lao NA President Visits Cigarettes Factory in Luang Prabang (KPL)
... Over 400 People Infected with Dengue Viruses in S. Laos' Attapeu (KPL)
... Luang Prabang boat racers ready vessels for August 21 festival date (VT)
... Lao PM tells Xieng Khuang to fight corruption, illegal car imports, logging (VT)
... Slow Boat from Thailand to Laos Boat Review (AIY)
... Chinese investor rings up majority stake in ETL (VT)
... Handicraft makers learn to develop products as gifts (VT)
... Backyard Travel Launches Two New Laos Tours (eGTM)
... Capital's water channel designed for tourism development (VT)
... Lao Athletes Eye Three Gold Medals at 29th ASEA Games (KPL)
... Lao Photographer Brings Home Top Ten ASEAN 2017 Cup (KPL)
... Secondary education in nation's south gets boost via Japan grant (VT)
... Presentation on Thailand, Laos Tuesday in Old Forge (Rome Sentinel)
... In Laos & South East Asian countries..CM bats for people to people connectivity (ePao)
... Chinese "Peace Train" medical team brings experience, technology, friendship to Laos
... Fly to Udon, drive to Laos (TTR Weekly)
... New night market construction underway (VT)
... What is China's PLA doing in Laos? (MENA FN)
... Weather bureau warns of heavy rain in Laos (VT)
... India Ranks 8th Largest Foreign Investor in Laos (KPL)
... Maximise revenue collection, Lao PM tells ministry (VT)
... That Luang Plaza to open to shoppers later this year (VT)
... Lao-Thai dishes out great food, great value (Winnepeg FP)
... Get a taste of Laotian flavors, sticky rice at new KC food truck (KC)
... A Refugee from Laos Finds a Home in the Jewish Community (MJL)
... N. Laos' Luang Namtha Allows Private Company to Built a Cultural Park (KPL)
... Chinese company completes acquisition of Lao tel company [ETL] (ECNS, XN)
... Probe of Timber Trucks Seized in Laos Likely ‘Never-Ending’: CSO Official (RFA)
... WRJ Design Brings Italy and Laos to Jackson Hole with Two Celebration Events...
... Beware work abroad scams, illegal brokers targeting migrant labour, ministry warns
... Chinese firm brings safe drinking water to Lao villagers while building China-Laos railway
... Laos, Korea cooperate on labour (VT)
... Lao Front prepares 67th anniversary celebrations (VT)
... Villagers along Xebangfay river warned on rising water (VT)
... Vinamilk hoped to expand investment in Laos (Talk Vietnam)
... Real estate continues onward expansion in nation capital (VT)
... N B Singh appeals people of Laos to explore Manipur’s culture, tradition (EM)
... Laos among Asean, partners progressing regional cooperation in Philippines (VT)
... Over 5,000 Infected with Dengue Viruses (KPL)
... Floods kills 2 in northern Laos (XinhuaNet or VT)
... Laos proudly celebrating Asean's fifty years (VT)
... Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Laos (List Verse)
... Buddhist ceremony well blessed in Laos (Gisborne Herald)
... Phu Bia Mining Continues Impressive Production in Laos (KPL)
... Behind the ‘zines: Lonely Planet Traveller’s September issue (LP)
... Explore the Mekong on a Four-Country River Cruise (Travel + Leisure)
... Chinese military medics' mission advances experience, friendship (VT)
... State vehicle management decree latest in car cost reduction drive (VT)
... Moscow, Geneva get-togethers celebrate Vietnam-Laos diplomatic ties (TV)
... Luxemburg provides 4.6 billion kip [~US$561K] to improve health services (VT)

July 31-Aug 6, 2017

Laos prepares for talks with EU to promote legal timber trade (XinhuaNet)
Lao government, civil society organizations and wood processing industry met in Lao capital Vientiane on Wednesday, discussing the updated Timber Legality Definition to take a further step towards better accessing the European Union (EU) market, Lao News Agency (KPL) reported Thursday. The discussion was made at a technical working group meeting held in Vientiane under
The Laos teens beating poverty as novice monks (AFP/Yahoo)
Each dawn, lines of teenage monks in orange robes criss-cross the temple-studded streets of Luang Prabang, the religious heart of Laos & the storied seat of kings and colonisers. They gather in the gloom to receive alms -- normally freshly cooked rice or snacks -- from the faithful, a ritual that weaves spiritual and practical bonds between the novice monks & the community they serve.  It is the centrepiece of the strict daily routine undertaken by hundreds of novices drawn from poor, rural villages to the ancient temples which fleck the UNESCO-listed
Rights Group Says Thai Anti-Junta Activist Abducted in Laos (NY Times)
An exiled Thai opposition activist and outspoken critic of Thailand's ruling junta has been abducted in Laos, a rights group said on Tuesday, calling on authorities in Thailand and Laos to investigate the disappearance. Wuthipong Kochathamakun, a member of the "red shirt" movement that has backed populist governments led by former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, has been in hiding
Bus accident in central Laos injures 39 (XinhuaNet)
Thirty-nine people sustained injuries when a bus overturned in central Laos' Borikhamxay province, Lao state-run media Vientiane Times reported on Monday. Local rescue team initially provided first-aid and help to the 18 people who sustained moderate injuries and sent them to the hospital in capital Vientiane. Meanwhile, people who sustained minor injuries received first-aid before being
Six Vietnamese workers dead in Lao dam blast (VOR or NIE or VT)
Six Vietnamese workers were killed when an oxygen tank exploded at the construction site of a hydropower plant in Laos’ Bolikhamsai Province, a Vietnamese border army chief confirmed on Saturday. Võ Trong Hai, border force chief of Hà Tinh Province that shares a border with Bolikhamsai Province, told the media that the explosion occurred at about 10pm on Friday night,
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos, Thailand Establish Laovieng Association (KPL)
... Lao Students to Leave for Japan World Contest (KPL)
... UNICEF committed to supporting breastfeeding in Laos (Sina)
... Scholarships offer poor students a step up towards prosperity (VT)
... Champassak authorities to plug loopholes in revenue collection (VT)
... Local organic production growth predicted via guarantee system (VT)
... Provincial leaders prepare to return surplus vehicles, official says (VT)
... Plain of Jars ready for submission for UNESCO certification next year (VT)
... Huay Xai Laos – Thrilling 15KM Ziplines & World’s Tallest Tree houses (ASG)
... Vietnam, Laos Parties share experience in sustainable development (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao Govt, EU negotiate to promote legal timber trade (VT)
... Cambodia: Expressway to Laos Is News To Ministry (CD)
... University entrance results to be announced this month (VT)
... First Oil Refinery Expected to Be Completed Next Year (KPL)
... Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam parliaments vow development push (VT)
... Beerlao Grants 1.4 Bln kip (~US$ 171K) for Renovation of Parks (KPL)
... Laos/Thailand: Investigate Abduction of Exiled Red Shirt Activist (HRW)
... Elgin hosts Lao conference, reconnects with sister city (Chicago Tribune)
... Entertainment venues near schools, hospitals prepare for closure order (VT)
... Attapeu governor vows to identify, punish illegal timber traders under law (VT)
... ANZ taps Pinto as new Laos CEO (Global Capital)
... Savannakhet Shuts Down 74 Timber Factories (KPL)
... Lao Airlines to Fly Direct Flights to Japan (KPL or XN)
... Moonshine With a Monkey on the Mekong in Laos (PT)
... Construction resumes at central Khuadin Bus Station (VT)
... Khammuan puts pause on sales of non-provincial fish (VT)
... Luang Prabang may become Asean Clean Tourist City (VT)
... Agricultural producers propose lowering electricity costs (VT)
... Junta Won’t Ask Laos About ‘Disappeared’ Monarchy Critic (Khaosod)
... Laos calls for enhanced int'l cooperation to eradicate UXO (XinhuaNet)
... Thai activist abducted in Laos as tensions rise in Thailand (Sydney MH)
... Thai junta deny involvement in dissident's Laos 'abduction' (World Bulletin)
... Southern Laos' Saravan to move victims of massive fire to new location (VT)
... Huay Xai Laos – Thrilling 15KM Ziplines & World’s Tallest Tree houses (ASG)
... Lao gov't approve Chinese company to conduct SEZ feasibility study (ECNS)
... Lao Villagers Arrested in 11-Year-Old Land Dispute in Sekong Province (RFA)
... Chinese company keen to develop special economic zone in Champassak (VT)
... Chicken and Shrimp Laap (Larb) (Skinny Taste)
... Famous artist Chen Lin’s deep love of Laos (TRP)
... Children's Fund strengthens breastfeeding promotion (VT)
... Laos calls for enhanced int'l cooperation to eradicate UXO (China)
... More victims counted as UXO convention anniversary marked (VT)
... Work on US$380 mil Laos-Vietnam oil pipeline project awaits approval (VT)
... Viet bankers rush to invest in neighboring markets (i.e. Laos (Talk Vietnam)
... Traditional Lao-Hmong farmers in Missouri embrace new techniques (DSJ)
... Laos values Asean-China cooperation, Deputy PM tells Guizhou audience (VT)
... Suspected Lao drug lord denies charges (Nation)
... Ho Chi Minh City boosts investment in Laos (VBN)
... Xaysana, two others, plead not guilty in court (Bangkok Post)
... Pupuk Indonesia seeks fertilizer cooperation with Laos Govt (Republika)
... China, Laos pledge to boost cooperation along Mekong river (XinhuaNet)
... From Laos to Agricenter International: One family's journey (Biz Journal)
... Dozens of Lao tourists hospitalized with food poisoning in Da Nang (VNE)
... Four Lao men arrested, 495kg ganja seized in Nakhon Phanom (Bangkok Post)
... Fight against bile trade with new Laos sanctuary for rescued moon bears (SCMP)
... Thai Monarchy Critic in Exile Reportedly ‘Disappeared,’ Junta Denies Knowledge (KE)
... Christian convert in Laos refuses to denounce faith even after his family beat him (CD)
... Laos Marks 7th Anniversary of Convention on Cluster Munitions Entry Into Force (KPL)

July 24-30, 2017

Large Sum of Yaa Baa Seized at northern Laos' Boten Checkpoint (KPL or VT)
Lao Ad Hoc Committee in cooperation with Chinese police siezed a gang of drug traffickers in possession of a large sum of amphetamine tablets at Boten International Customs Checkpoint, Luang Namtha province, on Thursday’s morning, July 27. Officers have disclosed that they were able to seize 362 bundles of amphetamines (2,172,000 tablets) hidden in a Chinese modified
Laos: human rights in the Land of a Million Elephants (ASPI Strategist)
What got less attention is what’s been happening next door, in smaller but still very communist Laos. Three workers in Thailand who came back to Laos to renew their Thai visas were arrested & held in detention last year after posting material offensive to the Govt on Facebook. They received harsher sentences than Me Nam. Twenty-nine-year-old Somphone Phimmasone got 20 years and
Dozens of Laotian elephants 'illegally sold to Chinese zoos' (Guardian/MSN or EIJ)
Dozens of elephants from Laos are being illegally bought by China to be displayed in zoos and safari parks across the country, according to wildlife investigator and film-maker Karl Ammann. According to Ammann, so-called captive elephants in Laos sell for about £23,000 before being walked across the border into China by handlers or “mahouts” near the border town of Boten.  Thereafter they are transported to receiving facilities, which buy them from the agents for
Laos: Prospective scholars sit national university exams (VT or KPL)
Some 18,159 students including 8,782 women are sitting entrance exams for the opportunity to study in some 13 faculties of National University of Laos (NUoL) in 2017-18. Exams will be held today in subjects including physics, mathematics, chemistry, literature, biology, geography and history. NUoL Academic Affairs Office Director, Associate Professor Dr Khamphong
Laotian Man Arrested for Trafficking Nearly 5 kg of Crystal Meth (CD or KT)
A three-month investigation by anti-drug officers led to the arrest of a Laotian man in Stung Treng province on Saturday for trafficking nearly 5 kg of crystal methamphetamine into Cambodia, an Interior Ministry official said. Chakli Cheutali, 21, was detained as he walked along a road carrying a suitcase in Khamphan village in Stung Treng City’s Samakki commune, according to In Song
Demonic possession (Phi Pob) in Laos - is it real, or a pretext to banish ... (SCMP)
May Day in the Four Thousand Islands, a riverine archipelago that dots an especially wide stretch of the Mekong.  On a public holiday to celebrate workers across the ever-shrinking communist world, a very different sort of ritual is being held here, at the southernmost tip of the Lao People's Democratic Republic.  Villagers gather in a clearing in the woods on the outskirts of Nakasang,
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Nation steps up fight against human trafficking (VT)

... Lao Vice FM Receives New World Bank Officials (KPL)

... Bulk ore sorting at Phu Kham copper mine, Laos (IM-Mining)

... Laos Rural Tourism: Sharing the Countryside (eTurbo News)

... Doctors skills upgraded to ensure malaria properly treated (VT)

... Laos, United States parties strengthen cooperation, relations (VT)

... Illegal imports [of more than 5000 cars] investigated, PM stressed (VT)

... Indonesia seeks to enhance bilateral cooperation with Laos (Antara News)

... Indonesia, Laos Celebrate 60 Years of Bilateral Relations (Jakarta Informer)

... Vietnam-Laos Beauty Promoted through Cultural Tourism Programmes (TV)

... Golden Triangle: Saving Elephants, One Exotic Vacation at a Time (Bloomberg)

... Spend 3 days of summer on Mekong River and the 4000 Islands of Laos (WWYG)

... Chinese embassy holds reception in Laos celebrating 90th anniversary of PLA (XN)

... From Tibet To South China Sea: The Mekong River Is Becoming A Regional Battlefield
... Laos revises poverty line (XinhuaNet)

... Indotrek buys ecolodge in Laos (TTG Asia)

... Ho Chi Minh City delegation visits Laos (VBN)

... Laos studies potential tourist sites (TTR Weekly)

... Cabinet calls for timeliness in railway projects (VT)

... Laos to submit movies for Oscars for 1st time (Sina)

... Singapore carrier plans to fly to Cambodia, Laos (PPP)

... Xayabouly Announces to Withdraw Position Cars (KPL or VT)

... Things to do in the Bolaven Plateau that you shouldn't miss(AIU)

... Lao Airlines to re-launch direct flights to Singapore in October (VT)

... Lao kickboxers to face Chinese fighters ahead of SEA Games (EM)

... Laos, World Bank join hands on US$ 25 mil water management (VT)

... Mother and child issues on top of agenda for National Commission (VT)

... Ad Hoc Committee Investigates into Illegal Log Export Conspiracies (KPL)

... The ‘Plain Of Jars’ In Laos Is One Of Most Mysterious Places On Earth (BT)
... Lao-American: Kentucky company launches packaging, logistics division (LR)
... Vietnam Extends Assistance worth Over US$ 1.5 mil to Vientiane Province (KPL)

... WB Provides US$ 25 M Supporting Water Resources Management in Laos (KPL)

... Young Lao Christian tied up, savagely beaten by family but still follows Jesus (CP)
... Lao Govt set to revise poverty lines (VT)

... Luang Prabang salad - Laos salad (CC)

... Laos, Vietnam enhance cooperation in public relations (VT)

... New investors sought for city's Nongpaen tourism project (VT)

... Lao Government introduces customs, tax, fee e-payments (VT)

... Thai police make $30m drug haul linked to Laos suspect (AFP/Yahoo)

... Import and Export Procedures in Laos – Best Practices (Asian Briefing)

... Luang Prabang Is the Top Ten Best Tourist City in the World 2017 (KPL)

... Nation's renewable energy options explored with assistance from China (VT)

... Thai police seize $40 million drug haul linked to Laos suspect (Straits Times)

... Eighth U.S.-Laos Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue Share (US Dept of State)

... Risk of exposure to potential vector mosquitoes for rural workers in northern Laos
... Lao FM to Visit Indonesia on Jul 26-28 (KPL)

... Luang Namtha eyes cultural tourism opportunities (VT)

... Laos, Australia renew cooperation on human rights (VT)

... Flash flooding kills teenager in central Laos' Borikhamxay (VT)

... Thaicom to Establish Pay-TV Platform in Laos (Satellite Today)
... Lao ministry hosts talk with students about Vietnam-Laos ties (VOV)
... Incense offering event commemorates heroic martyrs in Laos (VBN)

... Adventist Church in Australia Helps in Laos and Timor-Leste (Advantist)

... Vietnam, Laos Hold Joint Patrol Amid Inaugural Border Exchange (Diplomat)
... Lao film steps onto the world stage (Nation)

... New Chinese Ambassador takes up post in Laos (VT)

... My Two Favorite Spots in Luang Prabang, Laos (DTC)

... Laos: Making a meal of the mighty Mekong (Daily Mail)

... Laos plans incentives for tourism investors (Travel DM)

... Heroin Seized on Vietnam-Laos Border (Prensa Latina)

... Laos considers special policy for citizenship granting (Sina)

... Pilgrimage convoy takes detour to reach Laos (Astro Awani)

... Laos’ UXO Center – Hidden Impacts of War History (PMTP)

... Vietnam, Laos border guards hold joint patrol (VietnamPlus)

... Lower logistics costs to boost business, competitiveness (VT)

... HCM City youths join voluntary activities in Laos (VietnamPlus)

... Minimum wage increase the key for survival of Lao workers (VT)

... Higher Lao tariffs could doom border market (Westover Review)

... Laos seeks investment in tourist site development (VietnamPlus)

... Champassak council debates provincial development issues (VT)

... 180 billion kip (~US$ 22 mil) to expand health insurance fund (VT)

... Laos-China Railway Project Needs over 7,000 Lao Workers (KPL)

... Laos, Thailand Agree to Enhance Environmental Cooperation (KPL)

... The Hiker Laos Earns 2017 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (PR)

... Mega First on the growth radar with Laos power project as booster (Star)

... Lao Central Bank Rejects Blame For Agro Investment Firm Default (RFA)

... Incense offering event commemorates heroic martyrs in Laos (Talk Vietnam)

July 17-23, 2017

Laos-China Railway Contractors Achieve Almost 8% of Planned Construction (KPL)
The constructors of the historic Laos-China railway linking Vientiane to the Chinese border over a distance of 417 km have recorded a 7.7 per cent construction progress. Review of the progress in the construction of multibillion US dollar railway project was reported at a meeting held in Vientiane on Jul 19 under the chairmanship of Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr Bounchanh
More than 150,000 Lao workers return home from Thailand (VT)
Many of an estimated 150,000 Lao labourers working in Thailand (both legally and illegally) have continued to return home after Thailand enforced regulations relating to employment of unregistered migrant workers. In Champassak province, many workers, notably those who entered Thailand illegally, returned home as they feared law enforcement action against migrant labour, an official in charge has confirmed. Director of Champassak Provincial Department of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr Khambay Bounluang told Vientiane Times
Vientiane, Laos – World’s Most Relaxed Capital (TCSP)
Backpackers head south to get drunk and float down the river that skirts the village of Vang Vieng. More sophisticated travellers zero in on Laos’ luxurious capital, Vientiane, usually before a visit to Luang Prabang. Unusually for a capital, Vientiane lies just over a border – the one with Thailand, just across the Friendship Bridge. The influence that shines through most brightly, however, is
Heavy rain brings floodwaters to central Laos' Borikhamxay (VT)
Heavy rainfall over several hours caused flood waters to inundate farmlands and cut off key road routes in Khamkeuth district, Borikhamxay province, an official has confirmed. Officials in at-risk areas are monitoring river levels including Phao and Kata Rivers through to the Nam Thern River, which was now at the height of 11-12 metres, surpassing the danger level of 10 metres. 
Laos: No Progress on Human Rights (HRW)
Australian officials should press the government of Laos to respect human rights at the Australian-Laos human rights dialogue, scheduled for July 18-19, 2017, in Vientiane, Human Rights Watch said today in a submission to the Australian government. Key areas of concern in Laos are freedom of speech, association, and assembly; enforced disappearances; abusive drug detention
Market blaze seen for miles as capital's Chinese market burns (VT)
One of the capital's biggest retail spaces, San Jiang market, has been reduced to ash and rubble after a major fire on Friday evening. Speaking to Vientiane Times on Sunday, Deputy Head of Vientiane Fire Prevention and Protection Police Department Major Sisouvang Xaysouthep said the fire started at about 5:30 pm and took more than three hours to extinguish. Fortunately, no one wa
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Lao Labour Skills Are Still Substandard (KPL)
... Laos, Thailand enhance environmental cooperation (VT)
... Investment welcomed for Lao tourism site development (VT)
... Lao defence ministry celebrates Vietnam-Laos relationship (TV)
... Govt scrutinises revenue collection, enforcement of decrees (VT)
... EPF lending over US$ 1 mil conservation support to provinces (VT)
... Authorities mull ways to resolve PS company's illegal operation (VT)
... 2nd Circ. Upholds Order Tossing $57M Award Against Laos (Law360)
... Agawam mayoral candidate Vak Chonmany's campaign kickoff party (ML)
... U.S. Senior Official’s Visit Highlights Cooperation on Resolving UXOs (KPL)
... MK's Asian Persuasion Offers Food Inspired by Laos in Southampton (RFT)
... Lao-American: Food, fun and festivities delight crowds at Water Festival (VB)
... My Review of Bombs and Butterflies: Over the Hill in Laos by Jo Carroll (JBB)
... Korean Investment in Laos, Cambodia Infrastructure, and Thailand Retail Sector
... Travelling on Kasi-Nan Road is Possible but only for 4WD Vehicles, Say Authorities
... Chinese Companies Granted 2 Years to Harvest Banana, Say Xayaboury Authorities
... Northern roads in Laos cut by landslides (VT)

... Vietnam, Laos should intensify ties in all areas (VT)

... Laos make historic Para taekwondo debut (Paralympic)

... Boart Longyear wins contract in Laos (Mining Magazine)

... Boosting nutrition one TV show at a time in Laos (GFAR)

... Extension shares farming strategies with Lao-Hmong (CD)

... NUoL promoting enrolments in French, agriculture, sport (VT)

... China is Overrated: Investing in ASEAN is Better (Invest Asian)

... Vietcombank gets approval to open bank in Laos (VietnamNews)

... Vietnam, Laos jointly organize television show on relations (DCS)

... Northern Laos: Road No 7 in XiengKuang Cut by Floodwater (VT)

... Lao central provinces promote trade, tourism in HCM City (VietnamPlus)

... Laos: Keep eyes open for rising rivers, residents of lowlands warned (VT)

... Lao Govt to Spend US$ 300 mil for improving Vietnam's Vung Ang Port (KPL)

... Asean Schools Games: Laos swimmers build on their Olympic experience (ST)
... Laos to establish administrative courts (VT)
... Lao man caught smuggling drugs (Khmer Times)
... Images of Laos go on display in Hanoi (VietnamPlus)
... Luang Prabang voted among world's top 15 cities (VT)
... Meeting salutes Laos-Vietnam friendship, solidarity (VT)
... Vietcombank to establish subsidiary in Laos (Nhan Dan)
... Search for clues continues after Chinese market fire (VT)
... PM vows steadfast support for Lao growth (VietnamNews)
... Over 800,000 Vehicles Registered in Vientiane Captial (KPL)
... One Arrested, Two Charged for Drug Trafficking (CD or PPP)
... Viet National Assembly Chairwoman meets Laos Vice President (VBN)
... Boat service to Konglor Cave stopped temporarily after heavy rains (VT)
... A Weekend In: Luang Prabang, Laos – The Gem of Southeast Asia (BA)
... Lao heritage site Luang Prabang among world's top 15 cities (XinhuaNet)
... Laos: Thousands of unexploded bombs are another "secret war" legacy (ST)
... Lao officials to approve final compensation scheme for high-speed railway (RFA)
... How Minnesota churches are playing an important role preserving Lao-Hmong culture
... Laos-Vietnam celebrate treaty (VT)
... Images on Laos exhibited (VietnamNews)
... IFC invests $2m in Laos-based realty project (DSA)
... Defence ties key to Vietnam – Laos cooperation (VOV)
... Ministry, Songmeunang to cooperate for silk production (VT)
... Chinnaly Norasing Crowned as Miss Grand Laos 2017 (KPL)
... Country's charms, culture on show for 2018 Visit Laos Year (VT)
... Lao official sends condolence to fire-affected market (XinhuaNet)
... New Isuzu MU-X Blue Power Introduced to Lao Customers (KPL)
... Lao woman gave breast milk to VN soldier in wartime (VietnamNet)
... Authorities Continue Investigation into San Jiang Market Blaze (KPL)
... Women strengthen development in Vientiane's Sangthong district (VT)
... Indonesia Targets Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to Lure More Tourists (JG)
... Lao-Thai: Mekong Tourism Forum bound for Nakhon Phanom in 2018 (TTG Asia)
... Laos: Decades after America’s ‘secret war’, unexploded bombs still hinder devpt (AC)
... Laos here we come (Travel Blog)
... A gem in Vientiane (Gisborne Herald)
... Laos SME centre to boost startup skills (Nation)
... Japan Ranks 7th Biggest Investor in Laos (KPL)
... Australia – Laos Human Rights Dialogue (HRW)
... Laos' Kolao explores Thailand bond debut (Reuters)
... A dream garden blooms in Luang Prabang (Nikkei AR)
... Play on Vietnam-Laos ties premieres in Vientiane (VOV)
... Laos is a key link for China’s Obor ambitions (Asia Times)
... Are Chinese nationals being targeted in Laos? (Asia Times)
... Illegal vehicle importation incidents chased up in capital (VT)
... Fines Imposed on over 100 Vehicles Imported Illegally (KPL)
... Dozens of Houses Burned in Southern Laos' Saravane (KPL)
... Fallen Vietnamese soldiers in Laos commemorated (VietnamPlus)
... Lao government to open centres for returning Lao workers (Nation)
... Central Laos' Borikhamxay irrigation project feasibility study approved (VT)
... Northern Laos' Houaphanh: Construction of Nam Tab Dams 1 to 3 Begins (KPL)
... Luang Prabang named world's top 10 destination 2017: Travel + Leisure (Yahoo)
... Lao-Hmong: Born in a Thai refugee camp, she's now a Twin Cities attorney (WDN)

July 10-16, 2017

Can Laos Clear Its Unexploded Bombs? (Diplomat)
Last week, Laos and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) inked a new support project document focusing on clearing unexploded ordnance (UXO). Though the process itself was fairly routine, it nonetheless illustrated the Southeast Asian state’s continued struggle in this realm. Laos’ UXO challenge is a significant one and one that dates back to the Vietnam War, when more
Lao workers (at least 71,000) in Thailand to get special aid (Bangkok Post)
The Labour Ministry will open a centre to ensure the legal status of Lao workers who can prove their identity, while Lao authorities have promised to help illegal workers wanting to return home to acquire passports so they can be legally re-employed in Thailand. Thai and Lao authorities discussed ways to solve the undocumented workforce problem early this week. 
Lao Govt to pursue 7 percent economic growth in 2018 (VT or Investvine)
The government expects to pursue economic growth to at least seven percent in 2018, the same level expected for 2017, according to the Ministry of Finance. The ministry is drafting the budget plan for 2018, which will be submitted to the upcoming ordinary session of the National Assembly (NA), scheduled to take place in October for debate and approval. To attain the expected target, the ministry eyes collecting a total revenue of 26,618 billion kip (18.72 percent of the GDP)
Lao-Australian: If you don't like it, ... go back to Laos (Daily MailI)
Australia's race discrimination commissioner has been told to buy a plane ticket to Laos if he is so concerned about white people being prevalent in politics and the media. Sky News presenter Rowan Dean has taken exception to Tim Soutphommasane for telling a Senate committee there are too many 'Anglo-Celtics' in parliament. With Sudanese-born Muslim youth activist Yassmin
World Bank committing over US$437 mil to support Laos (VT)
The World Bank is currently supporting 43 active projects in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, with commitments of over US$2.7 billion as of June, according to a recent report. Of the total figure, 18 projects are in Laos with the total commitment of US$437 million, while 12 projects worth US$243 million are in Cambodia. Myanmar represents more than half of the total commitment in the three
Other stories about Laos around the world
... A Bar Mitzvah in Laos (Lubavitch)
... Lao President welcomes fish release (VT)
... World Population Day celebrated in capital (VT)
... Laos Actively Spurs Investment Promotion (KPL)
... PH, Laos agree to enhance bilateral ties (Update)
... Belarus to host delegations from Vietnam, Laos (BTA)
... China keen to make Laos part of chain (Bangkok Post)
... Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam deepen cultural heritage (VBN)
... Association for Autism team wins first Lao ICT awards (VT)
... Government to open centres for returning Lao workers (VT)
... Laos, Thailand discuss legalization of informal workers (XinhuaNet)
... "Chinese Culture Park - Lao Camp" closes in Vientiane, Laos (Sina)
... Lao economy remain fastest growing in region: report (Global Times)
... Malaysian Ambassador visits Don Sahong Hydropower Project (KPL)
... Ministry, development partners discuss national health information system (VT)
... Vietnam-Laos Border in the Spotlight Amid Anniversary Celebrations (Diplomat)
... Lao gov't to push for use of contraceptives, reduce adolescent pregnancies (XN)
... Luang Prabang Half Marathon 2017: Every Step Can Help Save a Child (Runs Society)
... Lao FM to visit PH this week (MB)
... 2018 Amended Electricity Price Underway (KPL)
... Results of school exams still in assessment (VT)
... Appetites: The summery tastes of Laos (MPR News)
... Fish conservation improving food, income, and tourism (VT)
... Vietnamese, Lao localities build peaceful border (Nhan Dan)
... Almost 40 Million Fingerlings to be Released on Jul 13 (KPL)
... World Bank supports disaster risk management in Laos (VT)
... Robust globe a must for rapid growth in Laos: economist (VT)
... Judge Says Laos Casino Investor Must Arbitrate Suit (Law360)
... Govt Looks to Push Use of Contraceptives to 65 Percent (KPL)
... Minister hails Lao-Vietnamese communications cooperation (VT)
... Local Firm Invests Over UD$ 2.5 Million in Agro Investment Project (KPL)
... Trial of Thais Charged With Trafficking 8 Lao Workers Begins (Benar News)
... Chinese painter Chen Lin talks about his deep ties to Laos and its people (GT)
... NZ beefs up agricultural assistance (VT)
... Japan-led water supply project wraps up (VT)
... Laos plans more cattle amid export slide (Nation)
... Surge in Newly Registered Vehicles in 2017 (KPL)
... Road 16 W Opened for Public Use in Pakse (KPL)
... JICA Supports Sustainable Water Supply in Laos (KPL)
... Lao-Australian: Multicultural voices deserve to be heard (SBS)
... Traditional medicine curriculum set to commence at UHS (VT)
... Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam consolidate relationship via fronts (VT)
... Soccer: M'sia To Face Laos In Sea Games opening Meet (EMFIZZ)
... Lao-Thai: Two arrested selling wildcat skins in Chiang Mai (Bangkok Post)
... Laos set to end hunger by 2030 (VT)
... Many motorists don't have licenses: officials (VT)
... Laos plans more cattle amid export slide (Nation)
... Landslide claims six lives in Phongsaly (VT or Sina)
... Information key to boosting Korean investment (VT)
... Korean franchise operators seek partners in Laos (Nation)
... A cultural and coastal odyssey in Laos and Cambodia (BT)
... Government experts discuss occupational health and safety (VT)
... Lao-Thai Border: Government told to dangle better SEZ carrots (BP)
... Devotees nationwide mark Buddhist Lent (VT)
... Video of the Week! Laos from Above! (Drone Life)
... Laos’ NA Speaker wraps up visit to Vietnam (VOV)
... Vientiane Shuts Down 4 Illegal Furniture Factories (KPL)
... New road to integrate southern provinces with region (VT)
... United States to realise committed assistance to Laos (VT)
... Hepatitis A reports on increase in capital, Vientiane province (VT)
... Badminton: M'sia To Face Laos In Sea Games opening Meet (MD)
... Trial health project targets thousands of uninsured in Saravan (VT)
... Soccer: Brunei to renew rivalry with Laos after SEA Games draw (BB)
... ASEAN Workshop boosts Lao PDR's e-commerce sector (Korea Times)
... Chiang Rai Province and Lao Celebrate Asalha Puja & Buddhist Lent (CRT)
... Lao-Hmong textile exhibit displays intricate techniques and traditions (Missoulian)

July 3-9, 2017

How Southeast Asia [i.e. Laos] Can Leverage China’s New Silk Road (EIP)
In the deep valleys of northern Laos, the Nam Khan River – a major tributary of the mighty Mekong – slices through extraordinary scenery. Towering, mist-covered mountain ranges; a sublimely preserved Unesco heritage-listed city that was once a royal capital; rippling rice paddies and fishing villages are just some of the dreamy scenes along its banks. Since 2015, though, it has
Laos, China bilateral trade reached US$ 2.34 billion in 2016 (VT or Sina or KPL)
Laos and China have pledged to further promote their cooperation in economic, trade and technical assistance matters, a meeting of representatives of the two sides heard in the capital yesterday. The bilateral trade volume in 2016 reached US$2.34 billion, including Lao goods exported to China reaching US$1.35 billion, while Chinese goods imported by Laos was up to US$990 million.  The meeting was attended by Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ms Khemmani
Laos kicks off the South East Asian One Belt, One Road (Beef Central)
I prefer the historical term of the new “Silk Road” to describe the modern trade routes linking China with the rest of the world. The new, high speed rail line from China to the capital of Laos in Vientiane will certainly provide a silky-smooth 160 km/hour ride through the mountains and valleys of northern Laos with an efficient flat track being facilitated by 63% of the 414 km line constructed
2017 Trafficking in Persons Report - Laos (Ref World)
LAOS: TIER 2 WATCH LIST- The Government of Laos does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government demonstrated significant efforts during the reporting period by expanding training for provincial law enforcement, strengthening processes for the identification of internal trafficking victims, and
US provides over US$ 3 million for unexploded ordnance clearance (VT)

The US government has agreed to provide a grant worth 24 billion kip (US$3,026,000) to the project for supporting rural development through Unexploded Ordnance clearance in Xieng Khuang province. The grant will contribute to non-technical and technical survey and clearance of the Unexploded Ordnance clearance (UXO) in the three Xieng Khuang districts of Nonghet, Khoun and
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Mental health in Laos, one in four at risk (VT)

... Laos, Vietnam highlight traditional friendship (VT)

... Germany offers lessons in local self-governance (VT)

... VN-Laos historical relic site inaugurated (VietnamNews)

... Vietnam and Laos: Relations of loyalty and stability (VOV)

... Group finds Asia's performing elephants are treated harshly (ABC News)

... Vietnam - Laos border culture, sport and tourism exchange in Son La (DCS)

... Lao-American - Immigrant Heritage Month Profile: Meet Kavy Lenon (Rapidian)

... In 'Afterland,' Mai Der Vang portrays the exodus of Hmong from Laos to US (NO)
... Ministry to order closure of foreign clinics (VT)
... Road fund sparks rising concerns about costs (VT)
... Laos, China Promote Domestic Use of Biogas (KPL)
... Hot Hotels: Azerai Luang Prabang (Gourmet Traveller)
... VN, Laos highlight traditional friendship (VietnamNews)
... Nam Ngam basin attracting more to Xieng Khuang (VT)
... Vietnam-Laos Trade Fair 2017 wraps up (Talk Vietnam)
... Laos, S. Korea Agree to Expanding E-Commerce (KPL)
... Laos Expects to Have 100 Hydropower Plants by 2020 (KPL)
... Soccer: Lao U-15 to give best shot at AFF Championship (Nation)
... Lao NA President meets Lao students in Son La, VN (VietnamPlus)
... Authorities plan to solve Donnoun-Thangone road flooding issues (VT)
... Lao-Thai Border: Man arrested with 140,000 meth pills in Mukdahan (Nation)
... Asia-Africa cooperation as Laos, Morocco mark two decades of relations (VT)
... What is the Currency of Laos? (World Atlas)
... Ministry reviews achievements in education (VT)
... Cheating petrol stations identified in major cities (VT)
... NSC chief says 'Kotee' still hiding in Laos (Bangkok Post)
... Nasak-Khokkhaodor Bridge to officially open this month (VT)
... THAI Smile begins joint Vientiane operations (Bangkok Post)
... Health regulations to enhance patients' care, value for money (VT)
... Laos graduates from money laundering "grey" list (XinhuaNet or VT)
... Vietnam, Laos embassies in US hold annual exchange (VietnamPlus)
... Africa-Laos-China: Gangs will do what it takes to meet demand for ivory (ITV)
... Cruising Unexplored Regions of the Mekong on a Laos Vacation (Globe Trotting)
... Vietnam Agrees to Grant over 200 Scholarships for Champasak Students (KPL)
... Village life in Laos (Cities & Memory)
... Laos-Vietnam Trade Reaches US$ 823 Million (KPL)
... Vientiane: Pakngum bridge construction over 40% complete (VT)
... Capital of Laos: 10 Tips for first-time travellers to Vientiane (MF Asia)
... Laos: Health authorities concerned over high dengue fever levels (VT)
... Tax Payments for Imported Cars Need to have Receipts Issued (KPL)
... Japan Grants Over US$ 680K for Laos’ Education Development (KPL)
... Nghe An students to carry out voluntary activities in Laos (VietnamPlus)
... Lao Leaders Send Messages of Greetings on US Independence Day (KPL)
... Laos: E-Commerce Workshop Toward a Digitally-Enabled Economy (KPL)
... Mega First’s hydropower project in Laos ahead of schedule (Edge Markets)
... Vietnam and Laos submit protest against SEA Games draw format (Yahoo)
... Information, communications key to unlocking medical research benefits (VT)
... Laos needs to upgrade statististical reports to meet international standards (VT)
... New Thai labor rules send migrant workers (i.e. Laotians) packing for home (ABC)
... Council approves several draft mayoral decisions, demurs on security project (VT)
... Capital’s council gives green light to road fund (VT)

... Xieng Khuang confiscate rose wood (Eleven Myanmar)

... Vietnam – Laos Trade Fair opens in Vientiane (NhanDan)

... Xayabouly Records More Than 37,000 Tourist Arrivals (KPL)

... Laos' first cardinal focused on evangelization, dialogue (CNA)

... Vientiane Province Says No to Chinese Banana Farming (KPL)

... Lao National Assembly Chairwoman to visit Vietnam (NhanDan)

... Enhance assistance for crop producers, govt sectors urged (VT)

... Australia increases ODA to Laos with education, trade development focus (VT)

... Wausau's new Salvation Army officers are teachers, immigrants from Laos (WDH)

... Belt and Road Initiative, China-Laos railway inspire Lao singer's latest hit song (GT)

... Savannakhet Signs Agreement for over US$ 32 mil Mekong Embankment Phase II (KPL)

June 26-July 2, 2017

Fishing Communities Voice Concerns Over Laos Dam (VOA)
Fishing communities around the Tonle Sap Lake have called on Laos to scrap a controversial Mekong hydropower project after the consultation period for the project ended this week. The prior consultation period for the Pak Beng hydropower dam ended on Monday, according to a statement from the Mekong River Commission (MRC). Campaigners and governments opposing the project
Laos Seizes Cache of Illegal Logs Owned by Governor’s Wife: Official (RFA)
State inspection authorities in Laos have seized more than two dozen trucks after they were found to be hauling timber illegally logged by the wife of the governor of Attapeu province for sale across the border in Vietnam, according to an official source. The source, who inspects timber in the southern provinces of Laos, told RFA’s Lao Service Tuesday that the 27 trucks of logs owned by governor Nam Viyaketh’s wife Seng Viyaketh have been held since May at the Phoukeua
Drug abuse, illicit trafficking still major problem in Laos (XinhuaNet)
Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has called for combined efforts from the Lao people from all walks of life to join global citizens in the fight against illegal drug trade and abuse as it is still a major problem for Laos. In his speech on Monday to mark the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which has been observed on June 26 annually since 1987, the PM said
Rights Groups Call for International Community to Press Laos on Jailed Activists (VOA)
Human rights groups say the international community, including the United Nations, needs to press Lao authorities on human rights issues. The calls come amid a string of harsh jail terms handed down by Lao courts against critics of the Communist government. Rights groups point to Laos’ failures in taking “significant steps to remedy” a poor human rights record and tough restrictions
Land-locked Laos on track for controversial China rail link (Nikkei AR)
Construction of a 414km railway line linking China to mainland Southeast Asia through Laos is underway in Phonesai village, about 30km north of Luang Prabang, the country's ancient former capital and modern-day tourism center. A workers' dormitory has been built under a banner in Laotian reading: "The People of Laos are Proud to Build the Railway with Friendship, Happiness
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laid-back Laos (Travel Blog)

... Laos intends to boost ties with EU (Mena FN)

... Japan supports education development projects (VT)

... XiengKhuang authorities log large illegal lumber load (VT)

... South Korea Donates over US$122K to Savannakhet (KPL)

... Three Jailed Lao Workers Were Also Fined, Sources Say (RFA)

... Laos’ first cardinal focused on evangelization, dialogue (Patheos)

... Lao Statistics looks to attain international standards by 2020 (VT)

... President Visits Japan-invested Cattle Farm in Xiengkhouang (KPL)

... Laos, Partners Discuss Trade Priorities And Private Sector Development (BD)

... Review: A hidden treasure inside the Thai & Laos Market in Anaheim (OC Register)

... Stakeholders discuss preparations for development roundtable implementation (VT)

... Tourism training boost as Luxembourg, Switzerland fund human resource training (VT)
... Lao-Hmong Among Us (AVA)

... Laos nurturing young talents for sports (Sina)

... Visit Year to revive Lao tourism (TTR Weekly)
... EU to support education development in Laos (VT)
... Lao Govt stresses transparent debt repayment (VT)

... Quang Nam boosts cooperation with Lao localities (VietnamPlus)

... Viet's Thanh Hoa busts heroin traffickers from Laos (VietnamPlus)

... Laos, EU Further Cooperation on Labour and Social Welfare (KPL)

... Finance Ministry pledges to scrutinise alleged irregular charges (VT)

... Economy grows fast, progress slower toward livability in capital (VT)

... PM Urges Military and Police Officials to Lead with Accountability (KPL)

... Laos-Thailand railway extension construction to begin shortly (XinhuaNet)

... VN, Laos discuss budget, public debt management decentralisation (VBN)

... Luang Namtha, Luang Prabang airports to serve in Oudomxay’s outage (VT)

... Govt Invests Over US$120 mil in Infrastructure Construction in Huaphan (KPL)

... Lao Govt, partners discuss priorities for trade, private sector development (XN)

... Laos’s new cardinal: “poverty, suffering and persecution are the three columns ..."(AN)

... S. Laos' Sekong Sekong Expects Over 100 Households Electrified by Year’s End (KPL)
... New Recording Studio Opened in Vientiane (KPL)
... Lao-American Obituary: Sompha Chaleunsack (NI)
... Laos, EU Celebrate 20 Years of Cooperation (KPL)
... Laos seeks to further collaborate with EU (Global Times)
... President Guides Development Work in Xiengkhuang (KPL)
... Tim Roxborogh: The Laos-to-Bangkok bus scam (NZ Herald)
... Dams on Mekong: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t (PF)
... Laos-Thailand railway extension construction back on track (VT)
... National statistics systems welcome support from S. Korea (VT)
... Lao Catholic community celebrates 'Ancestors of the Faith' (NCR)
... New cardinal from Laos is ethnic Khmu known for kindness (CNS)
... Remote communities benefiting from poverty reduction efforts (VT)
... Son La to host Vietnam-Laos border culture exchange (Vietnam Plus)
... Laos to benefit from new technology and innovation center (XinhuaNet)
... Combat corruption, push commercial production among President’s advice (VT)
... Europe embraces two decades of relations, advances cooperation with nation (VT)
... Govt seeks shareholders for Lao Airlines (VT)
... Govt striving to collect revenue as planned (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos intensify judicial ties (VietnamPlus)
... Dao Heuang owed Laos' coffee growers US$3.3 mil (VT)
... Viet people in Laos’ Sekong province organize congress (DCS)
... Laos to benefit from new technology and innovation center (XinhuaNet)
... N. Laos' Huaphan: Rice Farms Hit by Green Caterpillar Outbreak (KPL)
... Lao PM calls for combined efforts to fight drug abuse, illicit trafficking (VT)
... Government Urges Fulfillment of Revenue Collection in Second Half (KPL)
... Benefiting people, business, region within budget - JICA assistance approach (VT)
... Single entry visa for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam & Thailand coming soon (KO)
... Laos: Hydro dams pace alarming (Bangkok Post)
... Human traffickers continue targeting young Lao (VT)
... Buying ‘Made in Laos’ can boost nation: economist (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam cooperate on construction materials (VT)
... Hmong-American Doctor Inspired by Heritage (US News)
... Laotian bishop surprised to be named cardinal (NC Reporter)
... Vientiane: MoEM Discuses Energy Market Development (KPL)
... Thailand, Laos join hands to fight against human trafficking (NNT)
... Laos Runs More Fuel Quality Checks at Border Checkpoint (KPL)
... Vietnam-Laos friendly sports exchange opens in Vientiane (Vietnam Plus)
... Bachelor decision pending as ministry considers draft act for colleges (VT)
... Dutch customs discover rhino horn in carvings headed to Laos (Fox News)
... Govt instructs further action to address illegal car imports, other issues (VT)
... In 'Afterland,' Mai Der Vang portrays the exodus of Hmong from Laos to U.S. (JS)
... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia fronts ink agreement at third conference (Talk Vietnam)
... Demarcation complete, Luang Prabang eyes investment to push SEZ project ahead (VT)

June 19-25, 2017

2 Laotians arrested for drug trafficking at Vietnam-Laos border (XinhuaNet)
Two Lao men were detained when transporting one ton of marijuana at the Vietnam-Laos border area, Vietnamese media reported on Tuesday. When transporting 1,000 cakes of dried marijuana weighing one ton by car on Sunday, the two men, aged 25 and 26 from the Lao province of Bolikhamxay, were arrested by border guards of Vietnam's central Ha Tinh province in coordination
Illegal car imports hot issues debated at cabinet meeting (VT)
In January this year, the government entrusted the Ministry of Finance to work with the relevant departments to carry out inspections into the illegal importation of 5,639 cars, aiming to resolve the issue. Customs Department under the finance ministry reported previously the illegal import of the vehicles cost the state some 66 billion kip in lost revenue. In this regard, authorities in charge were told to carry out a number of measures to address the issue. The measures included returning cars, stolen from a neighbouring country and
Ministry orders action to address land disputes, unlawful land occupation (VT)
The Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment has ordered provincial & district line departments to take actions to address land disputes, unlawful land occupations & related issues. The order came as increasing numbers of cases involving land issues have emerged in recent years prompting the Govt to form a taskforce committee to investigate & address the issues.
China issues security alert in Laos after national shot dead (Investing or SCMP)
China's embassy in Laos has issued a safety warning to its citizens there after a Chinese national was shot dead in the country's Xaysomboun province. Chinese workers have increasingly come under attack as companies expand abroad as part of President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road plan to build infrastructure with the rest of Asia and beyond, often in politically unstable places.
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... Laos, JICA tie development cooperation (VT)
... Lao-Viet Expo 2017 to Be Held This Month (KPL)
... The Infamous Golden Triangle, Laos (Travel Blog)
... Champassak to Clear almost 200 Ha of UXOs (KPL)
... MICE roadshow highlights Thailand-Laos synergies (Nation)
... The War on Southeast Asia’s Natural Environment (Diplomat)
... 72 Scholarship Awardees Graduate From University of Laos (KPL)
... Govt, international organisations discuss food security project (VT)
... ‘Kotee’ suspected of fleeing to Lao-Cambodian border (Phuket News)
... Laos to supply electricity to Malaysia via Thailand (Rakyat Post or VP)
... Urban water, environment improved steadily, but still behind other ASEANs (VT)
... Japan Grants Laos US$ 2.9 million for Human Resource Development (KPL or VT)
... Investors Call For Head of Lao Agro Company to Step Down Amid Debt Default (RFA)
... Life on the Mekong river (Financial Express)
... Thailand Promotes MICE Industry in Laos (KPL)
... Health Ministry updates public on Hepatitis A latest (VT)
... Alleged Lao drug lord denies all charges in Thai court (VT)
... PM Thongloun Meets Outgoing Japanese Volunteer Group (KPL)
... Laos, Cambodia Enhance Cooperation on Legislative Affairs (KPL)
... Vietnamese, Lao ministries urged to boost telecom ad IT links (VN)
... Laotian chef serves fresh Thai from unusual location (Detroit News)
... NA President hails Laos-Cambodia bilateral relations, cooperation (VT)
... Madison man is first Hmong-American to get an M.D.-Ph.D. (Journal Times)
... Showrunner Kulap Vilaysack says future is uncertain for 'Bajillion Dollar Propertie$'
... Laos Prepares for Visit Laos Year 2018 (KPL)
... President Aliyev receives Laos FM (Azer News)
... 59th joint patrol starts on Mekong River (ECNS)
... Lao athletes to test skills at Malaysia Open (XinhuaNet)
... One map to benefit natural resources management (VT)
... A Day in the Life of a Buffalo Dairy Farmer in Laos (OZY)
... Vietnamese young people do voluntary work in Laos (DCS)
... Supporting communities and forests in Laos (WorldWildLife)
... PM directs agro development projects in Vientiane province (VT)
... Tourism officials share experiences for sectors development (VT)
... No Reported Deaths from Hepatitis A Outbreak in Vientiane (KPL)
... China, Laos, Vietnam set up more drug control office (VietnamPlus)
... Laos to build single map to improve natural resource management (Sina)
... Vietnam’s Military Zone 4, Laos’s military build peace border (SPPG News)
... Authorities Accelerate Killing Locust Nymph Population in northern Laos (KPL)
... Over 62,000 Grade 7 Upper Secondary School Students Sit Final Exam (KPL)
... Laos is interested in overall development of cooperation with Azerbaijan (AzerTac)
... Water security from a geopolitical perspective: Why does Laos insist on building dams?

... Lao tourism sector urged to improve competitiveness, integrate with ASEAN (XinhuaNet)
... Strong economic growth in China, ASEAN members have positives on Laos: economists
... Banyan Tree opens in Laos (CEI)
... Wood veneer exports approaching limit (VT)
... Laos and Pakistan impress at Yunnan fai (Nation)
... City bus station planning move to Lao-ITECC (VT)
... Lao 'drugs kingpin' denies all charges (Bangkok Post)
... Belt and Road Blowback in Laos? (American Interest)
... Pertoft to lead Rosewood Luang Prabang, Laos (BTN)
... University prepares for entrance exam registration (VT)
... Unique Lao Products Draw Chinese Businessmen (KPL)
... Government working to repay debts owed to companies (VT)
... Pulitzer Fellows Head to Chile and Laos for Media Projects (AU)
... Vientiane Cracks Down on Street Hawkers on Khouvieng Road (KPL)
... Thailand plans to sign electricity accord with Laos and Malaysia (Nation)
... Laos to select junior table tennis players for 29th SEA Games (XinhuaNet)
... Bombs and Buffalos: Social Issues in Contemporary Art from Laos (ASEF)
... Laos seeks overall development of cooperation with Azerbaijan (AzerNews)
... The “strength of the Church is within the small churches”, says Laos’s first cardinal
... President asks Borikhamxay to address unlawful land occupation, social issues (VT)
... Daewoo E&C Forges Strategic Partnership for Laos Infrastructure Development (BK)
... They were smokejumpers when the CIA sent them to Laos. They came back in caskets
... Agriculture for nutrition as northern villages welcome funding toward better dietary practices

June 12-18, 2017

Central Laos' Bolikhamxay Shuts Down 17 Timber Factories (KPL)
Bolikhamxay authorities have recently announced the shutdown of 17 timber factories and 35 other factories have been ordered to improve their standards within the next six months. Head of the Bolikhamxay Industry and Commerce Division, Sengaloun Sengaphone said that 35 timber factories must be improved within next six months in line with the Prime Minister’s decree.
Pyramid Scheme Leaves Lao Investors in the Lurch (RFA)
An agricultural company running a pyramid scheme in Laos has defaulted on millions of U.S. dollars owed to its stakeholders, leading observers to question why the government has failed to adequately regulate the market and inform investors about potential pitfalls. The PS Agriculture and Industry Promotion Import-Export Company of Laos registered as an agricultural company in 2012 with 900 million kip (U.S. $109,240) of capital to produce purified drinking water, noodles, run a rice mill, and farm organic chickens and vegetables.
Severe form of dengue fever surfaces in Vientiane (VT)
Health authorities say Laos still faces challenges in preventing dengue fever this year, especially with the emergence of dengue hemorrhagic fever...  More than 1,760 dengue fever infections were recorded in Laos along with three deaths in the capital and Khammuan and Champassak provinces from January until the end of May this year.
Labour Market in Laos Demands Only 10% of Fresh Graduates (KPL)
Currently, almost 90 percent of new graduates are without jobs, with the labour market demand at only 10 percent of total graduates. Every year, about 1,000 students graduate from universities and colleges nationwide, but as the demand is only for only 10 percent of them, there is a shortage of jobs. About 80-90 percent of new graduates are from economy, business administration, banking
Lao Police Arrest Suspect in Disappearance of Korean Tourist, Relative Says (RFA)

Lao police have arrested a resident of a village in Luang Prabang province in the northern part of the country on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of a South Korean woman, a relative of the accused man said. On June 3, officers arrested Pheang Phatthakone, a 45-year-old a resident of Kilometer 8 village in the province’s Luang Prabang district, following a presumed tipoff
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... Law on mining under revision in Laos (VT)
... Ten Projects in Vientiane Need Investors (KPL)
... Groups discuss impact of upcoming Laos dam (PPP)
... New service fee regulation to boost SME, selected sectors (VT)
... Lao best petanque players to train in Thailand, Vietnam (XinhuaNet)
... Authorities working to resume stop-start Vientiane road project (VT)
... Laos' Thongloun: Don't view region's diversity as a 'hindrance' (KPL)
... Labour ministry recognises Lao-Viet cooperation in protecting workers (VT)
... Inspections undertaken to ensure accurate civil servant salary payments in Laos
... Nam Lik 1 Pays Affected Families over 4 Billion Kip (US$ 1/2 mil) as Compensation
... UNDP-Laos Call for Concept Notes: Global Environment Facility Small grants Program
... Lao Govt working to sell timber backlog (VT)
... Luang Prabang bucks travel trend (TTR Weekly)
... Lao medical staff to be professionally licensed (VT)
... Laos-Vietnam education cooperation expanded (VT)
... Good Night Laos, Good Morning Vietnam (Travel Blog)
... NGO Coalition Opposes New Laos Dam (Khmer Times)
... More Blood Donors Join World Blood Donor’s Day (KPL)
... Smart phone new media course in Laos (Asia Radio Today)
... Order calls halt to hunting listed rare aquatic birds, wildlife (VT)
... Twenty Miss Grand Laos Finalists Ready for Final Round (KPL)
... China provides aid for poverty alleviation project in Laos (XinhuaNet)
... Almost 20 Hydropower Plants Expected to Be Built in Vientiane (KPL)
... Lao-Thai Border: Mukdahan envisions border bonanza (Bangkok Post)
... Malaysia optimistic of signing PPAs with Laos and Thailand soon (Star)
... Lao students to attend global natural history contest in China (XinhuaNet)
... More Lao population join blood donation, yet still below target: WHO (Sina)
... Laos Introduces Major Amendments To Law On Investment Promotion (CL)
... China injects 40 billion kip (~US$ 4.9 mil) into poverty reduction in Laos (VT)
... An unpredictable journey in Laos (WSGT)
... GE opens Laos office, its 10th in Southeast Asia (Nation)
... Yunnan pushing trade, investment between Laos, China (VT)
... Laos: Students Increase, But Not Enough Classrooms (KPL)
... Saravan Licenses Private Firm to Develop Tat Lor waterfall (KPL)
... Vietnam helps Lao journalists enhance writing skills (VietnamPlus)
... All children, pregnant women in Laos must be vaccinated by law (VT)
... Nonghan Lake in Vientiane springs back to life after factory closure (VT)
... Thoulakhom-Pakngum road in Vientiane heads out of the slow lane (VT)
... Vang Vieng upgrading tourism standards to match rising reputation (VT)
... Over 90,000 Grade 4 Lower Secondary School Students Sit Final Exam (KPL)
... Central Laos' Borikhamxay eyes mega investment this year (Eleven Myanmar)
... Laos: A Drone Tour (Window Seat)
... TRIS affirms Laos’ EDL-Generation’s rating at BBB+ (Nation)
... Mouvement, Formal Men’s Suit Brand Gains Popularity (KPL)
... Globalisation provides Laos opportunities and challenges (VT)
... Fine art exhibition marks Vietnam-Laos diplomatic ties (VietnamPlus)
... Development of heart-related expertise in Laos expected to continue (VT)
... Mattayom 4 and 7 Graduating Exams Scheduled for Jun 13, Jun 20 (KPL)
... Feasibility study begins on central Laos' Borikhamxay irrigation project (VT)
... 2018-2019 Fulbright Student Scholarship for Graduate Study in the US (FFNGO)
... Southern Laos' Attapeu tourism development requires more all-season roads (VT)
... Laotian restaurateur Somsack Sengta on the business of eating bugs (SEA-Globe)
... Lao-Hmong family in NC splits $1.7 million lottery win 17 ways, officials say (WYFF4)
... Fuel Retail Price Drops Slightly (KPL)

... Laotian singer strives to rock on (Nation)

... Lao Govt mulls new State investment projects (VT)

... Offline internet touted for remote areas of Laos (VT)

... Deputy PM pushes development in Champassak (VT)

... Luang Namtha Expects to Double Latex Exports (KPL)

... Exim Bank plans rep offices in Laos, Cambodia (Nation)

... Southern islands of Laos face steep decline in tourism (VT)

... German assistance celebrated by unveiling of sculpture (VT)

... Thai superstar Aum performs, greets fans in Lao capital (Nation)

... General Electric Opens Representative Office In Laos (Brunei Direct)

... Soccer: Laos eyes talented juniors for AFF Championship (XinhuaNet)

... Lao FM to Visit Russia [June 15-17] and Azerbaijan [June 18-20] (KPL)

... Dengue update: Philippines report decrease in cases, At epidemic levels in Laos (ONT)

June 5-11, 2017

Vang Vieng: Where is Asia’s deadly drug paradise now? (News)
“IF TEENAGERS ruled the world, it might resemble Vang Vieng.” That’s how the New Zealand Herald summed up Southeast Asia’s most notorious party hotspot less than a decade ago. But over the past five years, the deaths of several young Australian backpackers has seen local authorities crack down on the illicit drugs and unregulated mayhem that gave Vang Vieng its
'Wombs for rent' business flourishes in communist Laos (Reuters or Eyewitness News)
Dozens of fertility clinics have mushroomed in land-locked Laos after scandals over commercial surrogacy have spurred wealthier southeast Asian neighbors to ban the controversial procedure since 2015. The gleaming, modern clinics have names featuring words such as "Miracle" and "Perfect" to help them stand out amid the dusty surrounding roads and highways in the Lao capital, close to the Thai border.  "Laos has the best governance. Surrogacy or egg donation is not illegal!" one clinic, Thai Perfect IVF, said in a recent WeChat
How Laos’ Black Market Undermines China’s Ivory Ban (Sixth Tone)
As tour buses pull up in front of San Jiang Market, not far from Wattay International Airport, a guide beckons to a group of Chinese tourists. They soon disappear into the jungle of shops bearing signs in Chinese characters, many of which sell “local specialties,” or any illicit wildlife product imaginable. From elephant tusk, rhinoceros horn, & tiger bone to shells of the critically endangered
Nam Mo, Nam Gnone Villagers Worry about Closing of Phu Kham Mine (KPL)

Villagers from Nam Mo and Nam Gnone in Xaysomboun district, Xaysomboun province have expressed concerns that nobody will purchase their products following the closing of the Phu Kham Copper-Gold Operation mine. “We are concerned about our villagers’ fate once the company closes their operation. We might not have a market for our products because
A rising chorus of voices condemns Laos’ planned Pak Beng dam (Mongabay)
A damning review of plans for the controversial Pak Beng hydropower dam on the Mekong River in Laos was released this week by US-based advocacy group International Rivers, adding weight to calls for the project to be halted until new impact assessment studies are completed. The report follows recent criticisms of the dam by a coalition of NGOs in the region, and from experts and
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... Laos Hosts Mekong Tourism Forum (KPL)

... Bilateral Lao-Thai Trade Set to Double (KPL)

... Pak Beng dam project riles locals (HydroWorld)

... ADB reviews public communications policy (VT)
... Why Laos should be next on your travel list (T&L Asia)
... Kon Kaen, Isan: Centre of the Northeast (Bangkok Post)

... Vientiane Seeks to Meet Livestock Market Demand (KPL)

... Tanmixay-Sikeuth road upgrade preparing for concrete (VT)
... ADB, Stakeholders Review Public Communications Policy (KPL)

... 104-MW Nam Chien Project to Impound Water Next Month (KPL)
... Luang Prabang top ranked on accommodation in the country (VT)
... Another German Development Grant (46 mil euro) for Laos (KPL)
... Thai man arrested for allegedly smuggling meth from Laos (Nation)
... Star Telecom to build population management system for Laos (VP)
... Locust outbreak spreads further across Laos' northern provinces (VT)

... Quang Nam University helps train Lao human resources (VietnamPlus)

... Laos, Japan PMs affirm specific steps in joint development plan (Nation)

... Thai Govt agencies face legal dispute over Laos' Pak Beng dam (Nation)
... Laos provides clarifications on Mekong dam to river commission (Nation)
... Bank credit growth slowdown due to dawdling construction sector in Laos (VT)

... Diaries Shed New Light on Laos’ 20th-Century Upheavals (US Library of Congress)
... China-Lao rail gathers steam (TTR Weekly)
... China Helps Enrich Biogas Use in Laos (KPL)
... Top Thai Brands 2017 Opens in Vientiane (KPL)
... Chinese martyrs' cemetery in Laos renovated (XinhuaNet)
... Laos records 1,760 dengue fever cases till May (XN or Sina)
... Linfox becomes first foreign logistics company in Laos (T&L)
... Soccer: Memorable debut for Bauza as UAE beat Laos 4-0 (KT)
... Japan, Laos PMs meet in Tokyo to talk development (Bangkok Post)
... Laos, Japan PMs affirm specific steps in joint development plan (VT)
... Laos, Thailand exchange knowledge on precursor chemicals (Nation)
... Laos, WB sign up to green growth transition worth $39 mil in credit (VT)
... Many Fined 150,000 kip Due to Driving Without Seatbelt Fastened (KPL)
... Effects of Chinese Dams on Water Flows in Lower Mekong Basin (KPL)
... In Laos, Textile Traditions Give Rural Women Economic Independence (ND)
... Laos Introduces Major Amendments to Law on Investment Promotion (Lexology)
... California’s ‘Green Rush’ Takes Lao-Hmong Back to Their Opium-Growing Roots
... Germany providing over $52 mil for rural, sustainable economic development (VT)
... Elephant tourism in Laos: how one ecotourism start-up provides the entertainment
... Laos visits drop 12% (TTR Weekly)

... Vietnam urges Laos to rethink Mekong River dams (Nation)

... Health authorities review fight against dengue fever in Laos (VT)

... More Insecticide Needed for Locust Control in northern Laos (KPL)

... NA discuss treaty, protocol on Vietnam-Laos border (VietnamPlus)

... Migrant Workers Arrested in Thailand; 11 Repatriated From Laos (CD)

... Letter: Anti-smoking efforts should target Hmong, Lao (Post Crescent)

... Laos frees 11 Cambodian illegal laborers: Cambodian spokesman (Sina)

... Concerned groups condemn Laos’ planned Pak Beng dam (Eco-Business)

... Chinese-invested bank injects vitality for development of SMEs in Laos (XN)

... Soccer: UAE coach Bauza's first game is against minnows Laos (KT or KN)

... Upstream Mekong fishermen enjoy increased catch after traps destroyed (VT)

... Laos needs skilled young people to boost economic growth (Eleven Myanmar)

... Hydropower dams, water diversion threaten Mekong Delta's water security (VN)

... Southern Laos' Attapeu recouping billions of kip from illegal timber seizures (VT)

... Tourist Arrivals to Luang Prabang rise despite drop in arrivals to Laos (FTN News)

... Lao health officials shut down clinic suspected of providing illegal surrogacy services
... The State of Fintech in Laos (Fintech News)
... Govt to select national winners for ASTA (VT)
... Laos, Luxembourg move development forwards (VT)
... Laos, Thailand exchange knowledge on precursor chemicals (VT)
... Lao Central Bank: PS must return money to investors (VT or KPL)
... Lao PM says Asean, APEC important for globalisation process (VT)
... Colombo High Court allows Gammanpila to travel to Laos (Daily News)
... Seminar spotlights 55 years of Vietnam-Laos special ties (VietnamPlus)
... One ton of abandoned marijuana seized on Mekong river bank in Thailand (XN)
... Lao-American: No parole for man convicted in death of woman thrown from van
... Lao NA bids farewell to old building (VT)
... Laotian food makes impression (Record)
... Vietnam, Laos bust major drug ring (VietnamPlus)
... All New Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 Come to Laos (KPL)
... Hills like home in Laos. And now a crop, too (SFNM)
... Central bank warns against PS Lao’s illegal fundraising (VT)
... Secondary School Students Face Final Exams Next Month (KPL)
... Vientiane authorities calling for public contribution to cleaning (VT)
... “Naree” Most Popular Handbag Brand in Laos at the Moment (KPL)
... Laos, China take on development study for rural electricity plan (VT)
... Phu Bia Mining Expects to Produce 90, 000 Tonnes This Year (KPL)
... Bipartisan Bill to honor Lao-Hmong veterans of Vietnam Era (AAPress)
... Laos embarks on Vientiane-Pakse highway construction (VietnamPlus)
... Learn About the Amazing Movie From Laos That Spawned "King Kong" (CT)
... Lao-Hmong jogger killed by SUV was father of five, ages toddler to teen (MC)
... Private sector urged to get involved with infrastructure development in Laos (VT)
... Overseas Vietnamese teachers, students in Laos visit Uncle Ho’s hometown (DCS)

May 29-June 4, 2017

Hungary to initiate major credit aid [worth US$ 160 mil] for Laos (KPL)
Laos is expected to receive the biggest ever fixed aid credit programme worth US$160 million from Hungary to develop a food safety system, water management and information technology.  The information was revealed during Minister of Foreign Affairs MrSaleumxayKommasith and his delegation’s official visit to Budapest in Hungary this week, according to a statement from Lao
Six bidders considered for 4-lane Vientiane-Pakxe expressway development (VT)
Four foreign and two Lao companies have been shortlisted to compete for the development of the planned Vientiane-Pakxe expressway, an official in charge has said. The six shortlisted companies were selected from 18 companies applying to develop the expressway, which will connect the Lao capital of Vientiane with Pakxe, capital of southernmost Champassak province.  The six companies are given 45 days beginning from last Friday to
Laos: Foreign Visitor Arrivals Decrease by 11% in Q1 (KPL)
The number of overseas tourist arrivals in Laos is decreased by 12 percent in the first three months of 2017, downing from 1.24 million people in the same period last year to 1.11 million people in March this year. The first quarter of 2017 saw an 11 percent decrease in the number of ASEAN visitors coming to Laos, plunging from 866,000 people in the Q1 of 2016 to 763,000 people
Laos facing challenges in preventing dengue fever (Sina or VT)
Lao health authorities have confirmed that Laos still faces challenges in preventing dengue fever this year as the reported rate of cases has increased. From March to May 26 this year, recorded dengue fever infection rates in Vientiane were higher than other provinces in the country with 268 cases reported while none were reported during the same period last year, local state-run media
Laos-China Railway Operational In 2021, 51 Tunnel Entrances Bored (VT)
The Laos-China railway is planning to be officially operational in December 2021 with many tunnels already being bored... Some 51 tunnel entrances have been bored after construction work on the US$5.8 billion project began in December last year, Mr Lattanamany wrote. As many as 75 tunnels totalling 197.83 km and 167 bridges of 61.81 km will be built along the 414.332 km rail line linking
Other stories about Laos around the world
... License issuance for new financial institutions suspended (VT)
... Rural students to benefit from upcoming fundraising project (VT)
... Lao boatman arrested delivering 840kg of marijuana (Bangkok Post)
... Lao Govt leaders plant trees to mark National Arbor Day (VT or KPL)
... Lao Govt, UNICEF promote children rights among parliamentarians (VT)
... Over 9,700 Poor Households Electrified in southern Laos' Saravane (KPL)
... Party, State Leaders Plant Trees for Arbour Day and Int’l Children’s Day (KPL)
... Fund raising Begins for School Equipment for Under privileged Students (KPL)
... Golden Triangle narco-gangs churning out new highs, UN warns (Manila Times)
... Lao-American: ‘The Egg Roll Lady’ expands to Brownsburg Farmers Market (WishTV)
... Laos Simplifies Tourist Arrival Process (KPL)
... Laos, Vietnam vow to enhance cooperation (VT)
... Lao man found in Mekong after boat sinks (PPP)
... Weather bureau forecasts heavy rain in Laos (VT)
... Logistics giant Linfox signs with Vientiane (Big Rigs)
... Hydropower dams threaten Mekong Delta (VietnamNet)
... NUoL teachers plant trees for Arbor Day’s celebrations (VT)
... Laos, United States Partner to Advance Global Health (KPL)
... Lao PM prepares for Future of Asia conference in Tokyo (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos hold second political consultation (VietnamPlus)
... Vietnam, Laos sign protocol on adjustment of good transit deal (VP)
... Linfox becomes first foreign logistics company in Laos (Trailer Mag)
... Sap-Sap products and dinners highlight Lao cuisine (On Milwaukee)
... PM Thongloun to Attend Future of Asia Int’l Conference in Japan (KPL)
... Luxury in Laos at Amantaka's Stunning Luang Prabang Estate (Just Luxe)
... Importance of reforestation in Laos reiterated through sapling exhibition (VT)
... Benefits from integration elude Laos (Nation)
... Lao Govt encourages investment in children (VT)
... Power system master plan underway in Laos (VT)
... Lao bankers open to emerging tech trends (Nation)
... Laos, Austria to further enhance cooperative ties (VT)
... Joint tourism plan with Laos agreed (Mekong Tourism)
... Café Amazon PTT Franchise to Expand Further (KPL)
... New programme to promote rural employment in Laos (VT)
... Bankers, Officials, Academics Learn Value Chain Finance (KPL)
... Vietnam steps up Lao National Assembly building project (Nation)
... Waving century old wards goodbye as China helps modernise Mahosot (VT)
... Laos, Hmong Veterans Remember Sacrifices on Memorial Day in Arlington (Yahoo)
... Honda Launches Two Sedan Models in Vientiane (KPL)
... Historical pottery found in southern Laos' Attapeu province (VT)
... State vehicle purchases ‘possible’ if necessary: Lao spokesman (VT)
... Luxembourg supports Lao legal sector development with 5 mil EUR (VT)
... Phu Bia Mining Celebrates Anniversaries of Its Operations in Laos (KPL)
... Lao festival held in Tokyo, visitors enjoy performances by Lao artists (VT)
... Laos, China speed up construction of cross-border railway (VietnamPlus)
... Preparations for Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia front conference discussed (VBN)
... Organisations discuss capacity for improved regional forest governance in Laos (VT)
... Thai films in Luang Prabang (Nation)
... Laos link finds Indian investment (Post)
... Lao Students Produce More Films (KPL)
... First heart centre opens in Vientiane (VT)
... Singapore Holds Training for Lao Officials (KPL)
... Laos holds 10th 'Chinese Bridge' contest (ECNS)
... Korean female traveler missing in Laos (Korea Herald)
... Lao Government focusing on youth for tree planting (VT)
... Nong Khai Immigration launches auto channel (ThaiVisa)
... 10 Awesome Things to Do in the 4000 Islands, Laos (MP)
... Works underway for Vientiane-Vangvieng expressway (VT)
... Nine injured as Lao ambulance overturns in Loei (ThaiVisa)
... Konglor looking to benefit from Asean tourism standard (VT)
... Building of public offices in Laos suspended until 2020 (Nation)
... Laos the Latest Far-Flung Country Chabad Calls Home (Chabad)
... Bus explosion in Laos kills 1, injures 4 Vietnamese nationals (VOV)
... Laos, Thailand target 10 billion USD in two-way trade (Vietnam Plus)
... Japan to provide 46 mil Yen grant aid for education development (VT)
... A rare media examination of the US saturation bombing of Laos (WSWS)
... Vietnam, Laos ensure smooth transport at Bo Y-Phu Cua border gate (VP)
... Behind China's $1 trillion plan to shake up the economic order (Independent)
... Investment in construction of Xekong 5 HPP in Laos estimated at $700m (RC)

May 22-28, 2017

Lao economy projected to grow around 7% annually to 2019 (XinhuaNet or KPL)

Lao economy is projected to expand at around 7 percent annually for the period 2017 to 2019, according to the latest edition of the World Bank's Lao Economic Monitor released Wednesday. The country's growth is driven by a pipeline of power projects and recovery in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, as well as new opportunities prompted by closer regional integration
Laos: On the Borders of the Empire (Aljazeera)
Mandarin is the language of choice among its residents and on its street signs and advertising hoardings; clocks are set to Beijing time in homes, stores and even municipal buildings; and the Yuan is by far and away the most common currency. Any overseas visitors dropping in to Ton Pheung could be excused for thinking themselves in China - albeit a slightly raunchy theme-park version with an unusual preponderance of massage parlours and nightclubs along its streets. But Ton Pheung is actually in the far northwest of communist Laos - on the border with
Think twice before buying war jewellery in Laos. Here’s why (Intrepid Travel)
In June 2016, 13-year-old Wiak walked into a field in northern Laos with his parents to help them plant their next rice crop. It was the start of the holidays and he was feeling happy. His joy was interrupted by an explosion that blew apart his left hand and ripped off the tips of the fingers on his right. It’s hard to believe that children like Wiak are being maimed and killed because of unexploded
A papal surprise: Laos gets its first cardinal (La Croix or InvestVine)
Pope Francis has named Bishop Louis-Marie Ling Mangkhanekhoun, apostolic vicar of the city of Pakse as the first ever Cardinal in the impoverished, repressed Communist nation of Laos a country where Catholics make up only a tiny minority. After his Sunday audience on May 21 at St. Peter's Square, the pope named the five new cardinals to Mali, Spain, Sweden, Laos
Lao-Viet oil pipeline project to cut petrol prices (VT)
A planned oil pipeline project connecting a Vietnamese harbour to the central province of Khammuan will reduce oil prices significantly, a feasibility study has shown. The price of gasoline in Khammuan province could be reduced as much as 600 kip per litre - from 7,500 kip per litre to 6,900 kip - once the project is fully operational by 2026, as expected.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Cabinet outlines urgent work for June (VT)

... PanAust in line for innovation award (PNG IN)

... Construction of new public offices on hold until 2020 (VT)

... Laos asks for longer hours at checkpoints (Bangkok Post)

... Laos, Canada to Enhance Cooperation on Education (KPL)

... Laos, WB launch 5-year partnership framework (XinhuaNet)

... New cardinal from Laos is ethnic Khmu known for kindness)

... Vangvieng: Encroachers will need to move, authorities say (VT)

... Laos, Thailand set to boost trade, investment cooperation (Sina)

... What exactly was the CIA up to in Laos in the 1960s? (Spectator)

... Laos, Thailand agree on business cooperation to boost economy (VT)

... First thousand days key as ministry, WFP seek child nutrition gains (VT)

... Contest on Vietnam-Laos relations launched in Hau Giang province (VP)

... Catholics in Laos welcome appointment of first cardinal (Radio Vaticana)

... Laos speeds up implementation of seaport agreement with Vietnam (VP)

... Thai Company to Look Into Construction of Solar Farm and Five-star Hotel (KPL)

... International visitors to Laos top expenditure of regional tourists (Mekong Tourism)
... Lao FM to Visit Austria and Hungary (KPL)
... Sekong Bridge to be Ready for Use Next Year (KPL)
... Laos, Thailand boost trade, investment cooperation (VT)
... Reasons revealed for slow power grid expansion in Laos (VT)
... Two [one from Laos] nabbed for drug trafficking (Khmer Times)
... Laos-World Bank launch next 5-year partnership framework (VT)
... Lao Govt takes step to develop Vung Ang Seaport in Vietnam (VT)
... Savannakhet Drug Police Arrest Eight Amphetamine Traffickers (KPL)
... Laotian singer belts out a hot number to spread good news (Telegraph)
... Cross-border crimes in cross-hairs asAsean enhances cooperation (VT)
... Committees work to facilitate Vietnamese, Lao enterprises (Vietnam Plus)
... Laos, Thailand agree on master plan on US$ 10 billion investment (Nation)
... Long-haul visitors top spenders in Laos (Nation)
... Lao Govt Strengthens Anti-Corruption Drive (KPL)
... Mothers giving birth in Vientiane hospitals still at risk (VT)
... IMF sounds concerns despite strong Lao growth (Nation)
... JICA grants US$ 4mil for clean agriculture development (VT)
... Lao Govt postpones new vehicle purchases for admin work (VT)
... 5 Cheap Honeymoon Destinations In Asia, One Is In Laos (MSN)
... Asean, dialogue partners continue cooperation in mine action (VT)
... Lao Govt Approves Highway ‘K Corridor’ Development Project (KPL)
... US$ 75 Million Solar Power Farm Takes Shape in Southern Laos (KPL)
... Scientists urge postponing northern Laos' Pak Beng hydropower project (VN)
... Lao Govt approves Vientiane-Vangvieng expressway corridor, legislation (VT)
... Laos continues pursuit in fighting corruption (VT)
... Mekong Water Quality Shows Slight Improvement (KPL)
... Laos to host major volleyball tournaments in 2017 (Sina)
... Lao-American: Positive momentum (Emporium Gazette)
... Laos has yet to fully benefit from trade privileges (Nation)
... Asbestos: Out of sight but not out of mind in Asia, [i.e. Laos] (IA)
... EDL amasses huge debt due to unpaid bills, investment outlay (VT)
... International visitors to Laos top expenditure of regional tourists (VT)
... Companies Join Hands to Build Xe Bangfai Dam in central Laos (KPL)
... Thailand seeks surrogacy help from Cambodia and Laos (Khmer Times)
... Vietnam looking to import cattle from Laos to meet increasing demands (VT)
... Northern Laos' Oudomxay to develop tourist sites to boost economic growth (KPL)
... Work to start on road link from Luang Prabang to Dien Bien Phu in next 2 years (VT)
... Laos addresses chemical usage (FruitNet)
... UNICEF strengthens support for Lao women (VT)
... Laos has yet to fully benefit from trade privileges (VT)
... Workshop mulls ways to further assist farmers’ groups (VT)
... Laos, Japan discuss progress of development projects (VT)
... Central Laos: Nam Ngiep 1 Project Starts Impounding Water (KPL)
... Lao Academics Take Part In AUF’s New Presidential Election (ACN)
... Northern Laos: Locust Population Sees a Consistent Increase (KPL)
... Cooperation vital to energy development say Lao Foreign Affairs (VT)
... Laos Puts Family Planning on Its Economic Roadmap (News Deeply)
... Get-together for former Lao military students in Vietnam (VietnamPlus)
... Pope names cardinals for Laos, Mali, Sweden, Spain, Salvador (AP/Yahoo)
... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia diplomatic ties establishment marked (VietnamPlus)
... From Laos to Law Enforcement - A Utah Police Officer's American Dream (G4U)
... Arrest of seven at Laos border sheds light on surrogacy-for-hire conspirancy (Nation)
... Lao-American: 101st Airborne Division Solder follows in his immigrant father’s footsteps

May 15-21, 2017

Plans gather steam for railway linking Vientiane to Viet seaport (VT)
Work is gearing up for the planned building of a railway to connect Vientiane to the Vung Ang seaport in Vietnam after the two countries agreed to move forward with the project. The two governments last month signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Vientiane agreeing to work together towards realising the Vientiane-Thakhaek-Muya railway, linking the Lao capital with
China Plans to Blow Up Mekong River Islands (U.S. News)
The "pla beuk" is a beautiful behemoth; a gigantic toothless catfish with skin smooth and silky to the touch. It's the largest freshwater fish in the world and, once upon a time, these fish swam the great lengths of the mighty Mekong River from southern China, through Burma, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia, all the way to the river's delta in Vietnam.  Now, there are maybe only a few hundred adult specimens still living, hidden in isolated deep pools in a few relatively undisturbed places along the river. If you wish to catch a glimpse of one, the best bet is to
3 Lao Workers Handed Lengthy Jail Terms for Slamming Govt Online (RFA)
Three Lao workers arrested last year for criticizing their government on Facebook while working in Thailand have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms, one of the workers’ relatives said Tuesday, drawing condemnation from rights groups and calls for their immediate release. Somphone Phimmasone, 29, his girlfriend Lod Thammavong, 30, and Soukane Chaithad, 32, disappeared in
Lao PM concerned over banana plantations (Reuters/Yahoo)

The prime minister of Laos has voiced concern over widespread chemical usage on banana plantations after a Reuters report on Chinese-run farms in the Southeast Asian country. Reuters reported that while the banana boom had brought economic benefits to the impoverished region, there was also strong concern at the use of chemicals - including the herbicide paraquat, which is
Death from below in the world’s most bombed country, Laos (Irish Times)
I’m standing in a rice field in northern Laos, a few km from the nearest large town, Phonsavan. It’s early morning but already hot. By noon it will be upwards of 32 degrees, and close to 40 in the capital, Vientiane. I’ve followed a man called Mark Whiteside into this field. I’ve been instructed not to wander off, to stay close to him at all times. Now we are standing beside each other, and
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos, China ink deals to deepen cooperation (VT)
... Laos, France review progress in cooperation (VT)
... Lao NA approves measures on price controls (VT)
... Laos launches all-out attack on civil society (Nation)
... Seven tonnes of rice provided for flood victims in Kasy (VT)
... Lao NA session ends, calling for govt to pursue targets (VT)
... Great Locations: Where To Stay In Luang Prabang, Laos (Trip101)
... Lao-Thai: With river sacrifice, regime yields to Beijing (Bangkok Post)
... Rights Groups Condemn Harsh Prison Sentence Against Lao Workers (VOA)
... Planning a trip to the mountains? Here's why Laos should be at the top of your list (ET)
... Vientiane expressway route under scrutiny (VT)
... Lao NA members remain in favour of death penalty (VT)
... 60 billion Kip for Education Development from Germany (KPL)
... All Lao children to have free healthcare in next three months (VT)
... Hydropower project on Mekong River supported by Sweden (ScandAsia)
... Germany to provide over EUR 6.8 million for education development (VT)
... Soccer: Vietnam beat Laos in AFF U15 football tournament (Talk Vietnam)
... Laos and China’s Top Leaders Appreciate Strengthened Cooperation (VT)
... Interview: Overseas Chinese resident in Laos eyes new role as "overseas bridge"
... Lao-Hmong immigrant family has put down serious roots, and spectacular produce
... Xi calls for deeper cooperation with Laos (Sina or KPL)
... Vietnam urges Laos to rethink Mekong River dams (VBN)
... Vehicle owners in Laos to pay higher road tax in August (VT)
... Lao cultural treasure faces river trade dilemma (Asia Times)
... Vientiane Reports 171 Dengue Fever Cases This Year (KPL)
... Private investment needed to drive growth in Laos: economists (VT)
... Lao Govt warns against ransomware computer virus (XinhuaNet or VT)
... Thua Thien-Hue: remains of fallen soldiers in Laos reburied (Vietnam Plus)
... Viet Dak Lak Expects to Export 17,000 Tonnes of Processed Rubber (KPL)
... China-Laos railway construction progressing well: Lao officials (CEN or VT)
... WFP Links School Meals Program to Local Agricultural Production with US Support
... Troops from Laos & Cambodia in Cross-Border Standoff over Road Construction (RFA)
... Lao Govt to scrutinise budget use (VT)

... Lao NA debates draft of Civil Code (VT)

... U.S. Ambassador Visits Southern Provinces (KPL)

... International Destinations: Luang Prabang, Laos (Japan Stripes)

... REI clinches Electricite du Lao contract worth US$70 million (NST)

... UNICEF, EU extend 11 mil euros funding for improved nutrition (VT)

... Soccer: Vietnam must beat Laos for girls’ U15 semis (Talk Vietnam)

... A Visual Tour Of Anthony Bourdain’s Laos Episode Of ‘Parts Unknown’ (UR)
... Switzerland backs development of agro-biodiversity with US$ 5.1 mil fund (VT)
... Anthony Bourdain ‘Parts Unknown’ in Laos: The Most Memorable Lines (Eater)
... Deputy Head of Party Central Office Attends Beauty Pageant in Nongkhai (KPL)
... Central Laos' Bolikhamxay Approves Construction of 31 Hydropower Projects (KPL)
... Lao-Hmong: Mai Der Vang, Karla Huston lead free local poetry events this week (MJS)
... B&R Forum: Lao Pres. calls for support for least developed, landlocked countries (VT)
... Dispute with Laos persists (PPP)
... In Laos, it's taking shape (Telegraph)
... Lao couple held in trafficking case (Khmer Times)
... GSC set for Myanmar, Laos expansion next (Yahoo)
... Lao NA supports enactment of Data Protection Law (VT)
... Laos Plans to Grow Trees on 20,000 ha This Year (KPL)
... Lightning Kills Buffaloes in central Laos' Khammouane (KPL)
... Do the right thing: a cinematic renaissance in Laos (Mena FN)
... Nearly $1 million verdict in sexual assault of girl in Laos (AP/WP)
... Law amendment makes changes to role of Lao prosecutors (VT)
... Anthony Bourdain explores the dark hidden history of Laos (Yahoo)
... Chinese premier meets Laotian president on cooperation (XinhuaNet)
... Laos village takes novel approach to recycling explosives (Irish Times)
... Winners of Vietnam-Laos relations songwriting contest awarded (DCS)
... ADB Approves US$ 1.5 M for Employment Expansion in Laos (KPL or VT)
... Sustainable forest management project to increase tree cover in Laos (VT)
... Bulky, medieval-looking stumps: Laos amputees make their own prosthetics (IT)
... Government urged to ask for Lao Pak Beng hydropower project suspension (VP)

May 8-14, 2017

Cash & chemicals - for Laos, Chinese banana boom a blessing & curse (Reuters)
Kongkaew Vonusak smiles when he recalls the arrival of Chinese investors in his tranquil village in northern Laos in 2014. With them came easy money, he said. The Chinese offered villagers up to $720 per hectare to rent their land, much of it fallow for years, said Kongkaew, 59, the village chief. They wanted to grow bananas on it. In impoverished Laos, the offer was generous. "They told us
China envoy says Laos stands to gain from Belt and Road (Sina)
Lao state-run media published an article by a Chinese diplomat earlier this week citing the benefits that China's Belt and Road infrastructure project will bring to Laos. The article, first released by the KPL news agency on Monday and published on the following day by the official newspaper of the Lao People's Party Central Committee, introduced the origin of the initiative, its purposes and
Smokers Take up Over 57% of Lao Population (KPL)
Lao smokers aged above 15 across the country in 2015 shared 57.9% of the combined population. The report was made by the Coordinator of ASEAN Tobacco Control Alliance, Dr Manyphan Vongphosy, at a media seminar on tobacco control held at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in Vientiane Capital on May 9. The report has shown that 50.8% of smokers are male,, while 7.1 percent are female. When compared to the last three years, the smoking rate among males increased by 7.8 percent, but in females, it decreased by 1.3 percent.
Lao-Hmong: Her husband gunned down her friends, but she escaped (USA Today)
Nengmy Vang was wearing a dark suit and a crisp, white shirt open at the collar on March 22 when he entered Marathon Savings Bank in the nearby village of Rothschild. When she saw him, Naly Vang knew something bad was about to happen. Naly and Nengmy Vang had been married 25 years, a troubled relationship that led to a long, contentious divorce process. That process wasn't
The Laos Connection: Mr X and the cartels hooking SE Asia on pills (AFP/Yahoo)
The downfall of millionaire "Mr X", long shielded by cash and contacts in Laos, has highlighted the role of the secretive, communist country in showering pills across Southeast Asia. Allegedly a key figure among gangs buying drugs from Myanmar's meth labs, Laotian Xaysana Keophimpha -- dubbed 'Mr X' -- is believed to have used his graft-riddled country to shuttle narcotics south, first
Student team in mission to Laos (Gazette)
CARING students are making final preparations for a mission to help families in one of the world’s poorest countries. The 10-strong team from the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) will fly halfway round the world to Laos, in South East Asia, next week to work on a project to improve water supplies. They will be helping residents of Nasavahn and Houy Mieng villages, near
WFP injects more than US$85m to support sustainable development in Laos (VT)
The World Food Programme (WFP) has granted more than US$85 million (682 billion kip) to help the Lao government achieve the Sustainable Development Goal targets, as well as middle-income country status.  A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Friday by Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, Dr Kikeo Chanthaboury, and WFP County Director and Representative
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... Laos Travel Guide (WTG)

... Opening way for Malaysia-Laos trade (Star)

... Lao PM’s order to regulate entertainment venues (VT)

... Laos: Law on Water and Water Resources Approved (KPL)

... Laos, China to partner in water resources management (VT)

... Thateng of Sekong to Eradicate Poor Families by 2019 (KPL)

... Lao economy to grow at 6.8 percent in 2017: IMF (XinhuaNet)

... Thanh Hoa reburies martyr remains recovered from Laos (VP)

... Luxembourg injects 23m euro to develop Laos' rural areas (VT)

... Lao NA members call for tougher measures on waste water (VT)

... IL&FS-led consortium wins $165 million road contract in Laos (FE)

... Laos PM Calls Reports of Border Clash With Cambodia a ‘Rumor’ (CD)

... Laos, UNICEF join hands to promote well-being of mothers, children (Sina)

... Vietnam hopes for Laos’s support in Mekong River water management (VP)

... Lao, Cambodian PMs vow mutual support, enhanced security cooperation (VT)

... Lao-Hmong: Local woman wins unprecedented civil case on child sex tourism (TC)
... Vientiane reshuffles finance officials (VT)

... Wealth of tourist sites in Laos (Mekong Tourism)

... Laos vows to further improve agri-food production (VT)

... Lao NA members oppose single-judge court cases (VT)

... Lao Govt tightens spending to reduce debt burden (Nation)

... Amended Law Takes Country’s Interests Into Account (KPL)

... Ngam Ngum Cruises Seek to Prevent Queuing Conflicts (KPL)

... Lao President to Attend Belt and Road Forum in China (KPL or VT)

... Laos Prime Minister concludes official visit to Malaysia (Astro Awani)

... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia join hands in controlling infectious diseases (VN)

... Aman founder Adrian Zecha launches new hotel brand in Laos (Clad Global)

... Adrian Zecha’s new venture Azerai opens in Luang Prabang, Laos (CPP-Luxury)

... Vang Vieng, Laos: A once paradise lost - Now an adventure lover's heaven! (RR)

... China builds hydropower plant in Laos, poses threat to Mekong Delta (VietnamNet)
... Laos, Malaysia strengthen ties (VT)

... Laos PM arrives for official visit (MSN)

... Malaysia and Laos to enhance ties (Star)

... Lao Govt tightens spending to reduce debt burden (VT)

... Lao NA debates amendments to Law on Electricity (VT)

... Asean members discuss ICT development cooperation (VT)

... Laotian team highlights culture at regional workshop (Korea Herald)

... Vientiane Prepares Seedlings for Coming National Arbour Day (KPL)

... Laos-U.S.: Legacies of War members witness realities firsthand (VT)

... Laos-U.S.: After 48 years, remains of MIA pilot come home (North Jersey)

... Electricity Law Amended for Sustainable Hydropower Development (KPL)
... Mr X and the Laos Connection (Star)

... Laos identifies attractions (TTR Weekly)

... Nam Ngum 1 Upgrades Underway (KPL)

... Laos, IRRI agreement to boost food security (VT)

... Laos hosting U-15 Asean girls’ football championship (EM)

... The Laos link behind S-E Asia's drug woes (Straits Times)

... Lao FM Attends Special ASEAN-U.S. Meeting in U.S. (KPL)

... NA supports enactment of law on international treaties (VT)

... Laos' inspection authority scrutinises unauthorised projects (VT)

... Laos' Prime Minister Begin Official Visit To Malaysia Today (MD)

... Planning Minister Receives New KOICA Resident Representative (KPL)

... The Mekong middlemen running drugs across Southeast Asia (Coconuts)

... Campaign to bring Donegal man home from Laos gathering momentum (DD)

... Lao-Hmong: Mai Der Vang’s and Airea D. Matthews’s Striking Débuts (New Yorker)
... Light earthquake 4.5 mag, Laos (ENT)
... The great Mekong River (Manila Times)
... Fire destroys Dongdok campus market (VT)
... Viettel winning Laos largest smart project (VBN)
... 15 mining projects in Laos see concessions revoked (VT)
... S. Korea to Send Military attachés to Laos, Iran, Jordan (KBS)
... Laos attends special Asean-US foreign ministers meeting (VT)
... Lao Workers at Power Plant Resign After Raise is Denied (RFA)
... Stakeholders discuss Oudomxay’s proposed Pakbaeng dam (VT)
... Laos, China team up to protect rights of women and children (EM)
... China’s blasting of Mekong will cause environmental peril (VietnamNet)
... Laos Permits Gold Dragon Investment Group to Develop IT Systems (KPL)
... Confucius Institute Students Sing Chinese Songs in Vientiane, Laos (WoC)
... Thai Army Rangers Seize 470 Kilo’s of Marijuana on Mekong River Bank (CT)
... MRC member states discuss Laos’ Pak Beng hydropower plant (VietnamPlus)
... What it’s like to be a young Lao-Hmong in America? (Michigan State University)
... Lao-China's efforts to push for integrated regional energy system lauded (Nation)
... Lao-China Railway Project Affected Victims to Receive Fair Compensation (KPL)
... 10 Tips For First-Time Travelers To Cambodia, Vietnam And Laos (Travel Market)
... 2017 "Stunning Vang Vieng" Photo Contest Opens in Vientiane and Vang Vieng (PR)

May 1-7, 2017

Laos Dam Poses Environmental Dangers to Lower Mekong Basin (CD)
Plans for the newest hydropower dam on the Mekong River will need dramatically improved environmental safeguards in order to minimize damage to fish and other wildlife in the river basin, researchers say. Ahead of a regional consultation on the project today in Vientiane, the intergovernmental MRC released a draft report on the proposed Pak Beng dam in northern Laos
Tiny Laos Shows Resistance To Becoming A Client State Of China (Forbes)
Laos typically welcomes help from China. About 23% of the landlocked Southeast Asian country’s 6.8 million people live in poverty. Rural infrastructure lags behind most of its neighbors. So the Lao government supports growing investment from China as part of the “Belt and Road” program, a 4-year-old effort to extend the giant country’s trade and infrastructure network across Asia into Europe. A bellwether 414-kilometer China-Laos railway that broke ground in Dec
What Did Laos Leader’s Singapore Visit Achieve? (Diplomat)
On May 2, Lao Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith visited Singapore at the invitation of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Though both sides discussed matters across several realms important to the advancement of their bilateral relationship, economic issues dominated the trip. Singapore and Laos established diplomatic ties over four decades ago, and both are part of the ASEAN.
Lao PM calls for more openness in corruption cases (VT)

In a bid to ensure transparency on the part of government officials, more than 1,900 officials and civil servants at the central level, 98,000 people under ministerial supervision and 142,000 officials and civil servants under provincial administrations have declared their assets... Corrupt activities have caused losses of more than 5.1 trillion kip (~ US$622 million) while only 20% percent of
Vietnam’s PV OIL holds 20 percent of petroleum retail in Laos (VBN)
Vietnam’s PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PV OIL), is running profitably in Laos, earning an average revenue of over 100 million USD and contributing over 20 million USD to the host country’s budget a year.  According to Nguyen Kim Son, Director of PV OIL Laos, the company made its presence in 16 out of Laos’s 18 provinces that allowed it to account for 20 percent of petroleum retail share
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... Viet projects booming in Lao province (Nation)
... China steps in to help control locust plague (VT)
... Lao NA members debate performing arts law (VT)
... Lao Govt borrows more money to address deficit (VT)
... Foreign grants to Laos fall by half in Q1: Govt (Sina or VT)
... Over 2,100 Tourist Sites Magnetise Tourists to Laos (KPL)
... Laos: Dry season rice yield falling short of target (VT or XT)
... Laos tells Belt and Road story in rock ‘n’ roll (China Watch)
... Vietnam helps Laos with archive management (Vietnam Plus)
... Laos' Lower Secondary School Students to Sit English Test (KPL)
... Lao President Receives New Foreign Ambassadors to Laos (KPL)
... ‘Belt and Road’ rock video from Laos goes viral in China (GB Times)
... China hands over materials to combat locusts in Laos (Global Times)
... Military Zone 2, northern Lao provinces seek to foster defence ties (Vietnam Plus)
... Lao, Asean teams debate online media usage (EM)

... Lao PM calls for end to favours for civil servants (VT)

... Regional meeting cements partnership in tourism (VT)

... Lao Govt to encourage wider use of contraception (VT)

... Service sector in Laos slows but industry surges (Nation)

... Proposed law amendment to strengthen Youth Union (VT)

... Family Planning Discussed for Economic Prosperity (KPL)
... China’s Huge Dam Projects Choking the Mekong River (CT)
... Weather station upgrades brighten outlook for forecasters (VT)

... Laos motorbike crash leaves Irishman with broken bones & paralysed arm (IP)

... South Korea grants 400 billion kip loan for Mekong riverside devpt in Pakse (KPL)
... Laos: Insect entrees (MC)
... Vang Vieng has Much to Impress (KPL)
... Laos Pandaw Mekong cruise review (CI)
... Food — and bombs — in Laos (Boffo Socko)
... Laos, Japan Discus 2025 World Expo Plans (KPL)
... Best Students for Academic Year 2017 Announced (KPL)
... Lao-American Obituary: George Phanthouvong (Hawk Eye)
... Lao-Hmong moms learn English while kids are tutored (WDH)
... Possible Solar Power Project to be Explored in Pak Kading (KPL)
... Lao U-15 girls to challenge group of death in AFC tournament (EM)
... Over 3.13 Trillion Kip (~US$ 382 mil) Recovered Following Audit (KPL)
... Belt and Road Initiative bringing tangible benefits to Laos: official (CEN)
... Lao actress promotes screen performance at Asean Film Festival (EM)
... Lao PM recalls days spent at Nanyang Poly; meets former teachers (ST)
... Singapore hopes to be part of Laos' growth story, says PM Lee (Straits Times)
... China's Silk Road push in Thailand may founder on Mekong River row (Reuters/Y)
... Opportunities for Singapore companies to invest in Laos, says its PM (Straits Times)
... Exams reveal Laos' top students (VT)

... Lao New Year celebrated locally (Daily Globe)

... Lao Prime Minister to make visit to Singapore (CNA)

... Striking a fair balance on Mekong dams (Bangkok Post)

... ASEAN leaders push to realise Community’s vision (VT)

... Laos-China railway will rev up pace of development (VT)

... Northern Laos' Huaphan suffers return of locust plague (VT)

... Consumer protection hotline strengthens price controls in Laos (VT)

... Hmong culture spreads throughout campus (Fresno State University)

... Seng Luangrath, the Chef Leading the Lao Food Movement (NBC News)

... Laotian residents of North Coast ring in their New Year (Press Democrat)

... Vietnam Boosts Comprehensive Cooperation with Cambodia and Laos (TV)
... Ministry to bolster copyright protection (VT)
... Lao-Hmong: A stateless people (AA Press)
... Over 6,700 Cases Judged in Lao Courts (KPL)
... Laos ratifies Asean anti-human trafficking convention (VT)
... Lao PM addresses troublesome impacts of development (VT)
... Traffic police appeal to motorists to comply with road rules (VT)
... From Laos to drones: how the CIA got a taste for war (Telegraph)
... Villagers affected by Laos-China railway await compensation (VT)
... Laos affirms commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (VT)

April 24-30, 2017

Is Laos’ New Leader Really a Reformer? (Diplomat)
Thongloun Sisoulith is trying his best to appear modest. He never expected to become Prime Minister of Laos, he says, speaking to a Thai journalist some months ago, and was unprepared when the Central Committee elected him to the position at the last Party Congress, in January 2016. Dressed in an unassuming black suit with a thick, fuchsia tie, the 72-year-old embodies
Lao food prices 10-20% higher than neighbours (VT)
The prices of food staples in Laos are still around 10-20 percent higher compared to neighbouring countries especially Thailand and Vietnam... The price of Grade A pork in Laos is 35,000 kip a kg, in Thailand 30,000 kip and 27,720 kip in Vietnam... The tilapia price in Laos is 19,000 kip a kg, 18,000 kip in Thailand and only 11,000 kip in Vietnam. The price of farmed chicken in Laos is 32,000 kip a kg and 18,000 kip in Thailand while the price of eggs in Laos is 1,000 kip each, 674 kip in Thailand and 924 kip in Vietnam, she said. Foodstuffs in Laos were more expensive
Laos' GDP Growth in 2016 Lower Than Expected (KPL)
Laos’ gross domestic product last year saw a growth of only 7 percent, amounting to 108,605 billion kip (USD 13.27 billion) that was lower than the expected 7.5 percent, as a consequence of the global economic turndown, a decrease in copper prices and climate change. The Minister of Planning and Investment, Mr Souphanh Keomixay, made a statement at the third Ordinary Session
Laos clothing products in demand by European markets (Nation)
From 2013-16 the Lao garment products exported to Germany were worth over US$221.31 million while unprocessed coffee products came in second with a value of more than $26 million. In fact Laos has exported over 40 products to Germany; including agricultural products, handicrafts and beverages with a value of more than $262.38 million.  At the same time, some 48 products have
Lao and now: Mekong River, Vientiane, Thailand (Australian)
“We think kids are old enough to go to school when they can reach over their head and touch their opposite ear,” says the young Lao schoolteacher at the village of Ban Phar Leib on a remote stretch of the Mekong River. Among tribal communities, where record-keeping can be a low priority, the “touch-your-ear” age gauge seems to work well enough.
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... Luang Prabang Salad - Laos salad (Kara Lydon)
... Laos: Southeast Asia's forgotten paradise (Chase)
... TVR Lao to Build Housing Estate in Vientiane (KPL)
... IHG, BIM open their first five-star hotel in Laos (VBN)
... Kirkcudbright student heads for Laos (Galloway Gazette)
... PM meets Vietnamese firms investing in Laos (DTI News)
... Ministry suspends licensing of gas stations, oil warehouses (VT)
... Finance Minister Says Taxes Cannot be Collected in Cash (KPL)
... Lao Govt to get tough with dishonest land concession holders (VT)
... Cigarettes must bear health warning labels in Laos from May (Sina)
... Aquatic resources management underway in Siphandone area (VT)
... Lao Govt Sees Budget Deficit of 5,787 Billion kip ~US$706 mil (KPL)
... Viet, Lao provinces intensify crackdown on drug crimes (VietnamNet)
... Sivongxay announces run for Cambridge City Council (Local Wicked)
... Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Unveiled in Laos with ‘Infinity Display’ (KPL)
... Social work students to support villagers in Laos as part of their degree (CA)
... How profitable... Assessing drought and flood-resistant rice seed in Laos (RW)
... Veterans’ Stories: Pilot participated in helicopter assault in Laos (Herald Tribune)
... Major deals signed as Viet PM visits (VT)

... Laos registers trade surplus in first quarter (VT)

... OICA pledges US$5m for skill development in Laos (VT)

... Ministry Committed to Eradicating Malaria by 2020 (KPL)

... 6th European Food Festival to be Held in Vientiane (KPL)

... Lao Exports Increase Last Year and Get Trade Surplus (KPL)

... Vietnam, Laos vow to place top priority on nurturing ties (VBN)

... Tobacco control needs further improvement: Lao Minister (VT)

... Lao NA members push gov’t on addressing national issues (VT)

... Lao, Chinese scientists team up to understand environment (VT)

... Chinese company to build modern agricultural industrial park in Laos (XN)

... WWF continues to promote sustainable aquatic development in Laos (Sina)

... Lao Govt Should Grant Concession Leases Based on Investment: Former Official
... ADB commits assistance to Laos’ goals (Nation)

... Lao Government Addresses Several Problems (KPL)

... Lao-Khmer: Winning the war on drugs (Khmer Times)

... 1st national food safety laboratory opens in Laos (Sina)

... Ministry of Health says free treatment for all Lao children (VT)

... Power generates seven percent plus growth in past year (VT)

... Viet PM’s visit set to boost special Vietnam-Laos relations (VOV)

... Heritage centre planned to preserve culture in Champassak (VT)

... Cross-border bridge congestion target of Savan Park proposal (VT)

... World Malaria Day: challenges to Lao’s health system (BioMedCentral)

... ISUZU May Be Interested in Building a Plant in Laos if Market Demand is High

... Laos may fail to eradicate malaria by 2030 without adequate prevention (Topix)

... Gov’t Faces Budget Deficit of Over 950 Billion Kip [~US$ 116 mil] in 1st QT (KPL)

... NA ordinary session opens to debate socio-economic performance, law making (VT)
... Laos still striving to become malaria-free (VT)

... China slowdown affects Phongsaly investment (VT)
... Vientiane Residents Show Interest in IP Fair 2017 (KPL)
... First Lao team to vie at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup (Nation)

... Food safety first as national laboratory opens in Laos (VT)

... ADB commits assistance to Laos’ development goals (VT)

... Laos to provide free health care for children (Vietnam Plus)

... Lao cabinet approves seaport project in Vietnam (XinhuaNet)
... 340 Transport Projects Invested in in Xayaboury Province (KPL)
... Lao official: Inspection underway on reported import of human sperm (VT)

... Police to launch another major operation against Lao drug network (Thai Visa)

... The 'not so idyllic' life in an Esan village in Thailand [or Laos] (Buriram Times)

... Police: Lao-Hmong man admits to stabbing wife in the head after argument (WCNC)
... ADB Impressed with Lao Economic Growth (KPL)
... Laos participates in European cultural marathon (VT)
... Thai Police Widen 'Mr X' Drug Trafficking Probe (KPL)
... Children in Laos to receive free healthcare in 2017 (VT)
... Historical bomb shelter in Xieng Khuang being developed (VT)
... Lao-Thai: Semen smugglers to face legal action (Bangkok Post)
... Lao-Thai: Bangkok Fertility Clinic Denies Trafficking Semen (KhaoSod)
... Cabinet approves direction of seaport project, discusses work plan (VT)
... More funding sourced for construction of Phongsaly provincial capital (VT)
... Over 100 Top Lao Students [Grade 9 & 12] to Sit National Exam 2017 (KPL)
... Vietnam shares joy with Laos over Bul Pi May festival in Geneva (Talk Vietnam)
... New team of Chinese young volunteers to offer six-month service in Laos (Sina)
... Laos actively supports China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative: official (XinhuaNet)

April 17-23, 2017

Thai man arrested for allegedly smuggling human semen into Laos (AO or NIE)
A Thai man was arrested at a customs checkpoint in Nong Khai for allegedly smuggling six tubes of semen from two men stored in a nitrogen freezing tank. Nithinon Srithaniyanan, 25, was arrested at the Thai-Laotian Friendship Bridge checkpoint in Nong Khai's Muang district at 9am Customs officials searched Nithinon and found the tubes containing semen after they have spotted
Love Laos: Keep it Clean (Asia Foundation)
Sitting beside the Mekong River, sipping a cold drink and enjoying the scenery is a welcome break for tourists and locals alike in Laos. You can usually see men out in their boats following the large seine nets that float down the river, and women dipping and then hoisting their large lift nets as they catch fish for their supper. But as one’s gaze is drawn to the shoreline, this idyllic setting is spoiled by another view: plastic bags, drinking water bottles, plastic foam containers, and other rubbish scattered along the banks of the river.  The tourists will move on, but this litter dumped in the fields and
Laos 'drug kingpin' denies Thai smuggling charges (Daily Mail or BP)
An alleged Laos drug lord linked to some of Thailand's rich and famous denied being a major player in the regional narcotics trade when he appeared in a Bangkok court Tuesday. Xaysana Keopimpha, 42, was nabbed by Thai police on his way through Bangkok's main airport in January, shining a rare spotlight on communist Laos' shadowy role in the Southeast Asian pill trade.
Lao Govt warned to manage growing debt ~ US$ 3.55 billion as of 2015 (VT)

For the whole of 2017, the government plans to collect 23,801 billion kip in revenue with expenditure set at 32,262 billion kip. This means the budget deficit is set at 8,461 billion kip, equal to 6.52 percent of GDP...  As of October 2015, 20 central state organisations, four provinces and the capital of Vientiane accumulated debts totalling 29,107 billion kip (~US$ 3.55 billion).
Northeast Laos & the Mysterious Plain of Jars – What You Need to Know (Tripzilla)
Almost everyone who travels to the ‘Kingdom of a Million Elephants’ has the UNESCO-listed old town of Luang Prabang on their itinerary. For long, Vang Vieng was a popular destination, offering the chance to float down a river on a rubber tube while consuming cocktail buckets and more, but the town is now much calmer. However, unlike the countries that encircle it, Laos does not have
Refugee community mourns Lao Family co-founder Chaosarn Chao (SacBee)
Northern California’s refugee communities will come together this weekend to mourn the passing of Chaosarn Chao, an ethnic Iu Mien who helped thousands of Hmong, Afghans, Iu Mien and other refugees escape poverty through the nonprofit group he co-founded, Lao Family Community Development. Chao died on April 5 at age 66 following a bone marrow transplant and health
Other stories about Laos around the world
... New Lao ambassador to Japan takes post (VT)
... Laos identifies tourism objectives (TTR Weekly)
... Lao National Assembly to open third session (VT)
... Viet Prime Minister to visit Cambodia, Laos (VBN)
... Lao businesses face ‘high logistics costs’ (Nation)

... Chinese-created drama premiered in Laos (XinhuaNet)

... The Plight of a Country Child in Huaphan Province (KPL)

... Lao companies to benefit from railway project: Officials (VT)

... Clean, organic agriculture production set to expand in Laos (VT)

... Laos warns public of possible dengue fever outbreaks (Sina or VT)

... Laos to host 1st Clean Agricultural Products Trade Fair (XinhuaNet)

... Lao-Viet: Police struggle to combat drug border trafficking (VietnamNet)

... UXO clearance of China-Laos railway's 1st phase almost completed (Sina)

... Observe 10 prohibitions or face punishment, Lao finance officials warned (VT)

... Bail set for Wisconsin (Lao-Hmong) man charged in student's death (AP/Yahoo)

... Bank of Laos shuts down real estate leasing company & three pawnshops (KPL)

... Lao Govt Issues Decision Banning Finance Officials from Making Fake Reports (KPL)
... New decree strengthens environment fund in Laos (VT)
... The mysterious Plains of Jans, northern Laos (7 Tales)
... Laos retrieves 6.1 mln USD from corrupt officials (Sina)
... Mekong River survey begins despite opposition (Thai Visa)
... Tunnel works underway on Laos-China railway project (VT)
... Historic pottery discovered in Savannakhet (Eleven Myanmar)
... Laos to Bring 5,500 Families Over Poverty Line This Year (KPL)
... Heads Will be Dismissed If Corrupt, says Lao Vice President (KPL)
... Northern Laos: Nam Ou 7 Hydropower Project 10% Complete (KPL)
... UXOs Cleared by Laos-China Railway Project in Luang Namtha (KPL)
... Business operations face high logistics costs in Laos, study says (VT)
... Laos' Finance ministry welcomes public feedback with new hotline (VT)
... Company to develop Mekong beach as popular tourist attraction in Vientiane (VT)
... Laos Transforms Vang Vieng from Party Town to Ecotourism Hub (Herald Tribune)
... Students learn about identity and history at Hmong language & culture class (Madison)
... Laos tackles its drug problem (Asia Times)
... Tourism sector looking to boost its capacity (VT)
... Phu Bia Mining Recognised for Road Upgrade (KPL)
... Fires in 2016 Leave Billions of Kip in Damages (KPL)
... Lao authorities retrieve 50b kip from corrupt officials (VT)
... Laos eases investment terms to boost economy (Nation)
... Laos cuts maximum concession period to 50 years (Sina)
... 22 Die in Road Accidents During Lao New Year (KPL or VT)
... Lao Finance Ministry Opens Hotline for Public Complaints (KPL)
... Arrest shines light on Laos role in Asia drug trade (Shanghai Daily)
... AsianFace director reportedly involved in business fraud in Cambodia (VT)
... Caffeine high as Laos tops South-East Asia's coffee producer rankings (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Khambong Kim Somsanuk Keokham (Pilot Tribune)
... Hostel Fire in Sisattanak (KPL)
... Historic pottery discovered in Savannakhet (VT)
... People nationwide welcome the Year of the Rooster (VT)
... Xamtay to Vietnam road construction expects delays (VT)
... Laos' new law offers incentives to attract investment (Nation)
... Laos to make great efforts to achieve UXO clearance goals (VBN)
... Explore the UNESCO treasures of Luang Prabang (Pattaya Today)
... Laos to Make Great Efforts to Achieve UXO Clearance Goals (KPL)
... Lao Ambassador Commits to Strengthening Laos-Japan Ties (KPL)
... Vientiane's Adventurous Eats Dinner Is Not for the Squeamish (Philly Eater)
... Maximum concession period cut to half century in investment promotion overhaul (VT)
... Lao New Year Celebration (KPL)
... Veit PM welcomes Laos’ top legislator (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao President Bounnhang Delivers New Year Wishes (KPL)
... Mengpin Project in Laos Receives Certificate of Merit (4-Traders)
... People celebrate Songkran festival in Vientiane, Laos (XinhuaNet)

April 10-16, 2017

What’s Behind the China Banana Ban in Laos? (Diplomat)

On April 12, Radio Free Asia cited local government sources as confirming that Lao government orders to shut down environmentally destructive Chinese-owned banana farms, first reported in Bokeo province in January, are in fact also in force in six other provinces in the Southeast Asian state. New revelations of the China banana ban are yet another testament to the reality that
Lao New Year (US Dept of State)
On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, best wishes to the people of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic as they celebrate the Lao New Year. This past year our two countries announced a Comprehensive Partnership, which opened a new era in the U.S.-Lao relationship and deepened our diplomatic, commercial and people-to-people ties.  We celebrate our friendship with the Lao people and look forward to new opportunities for our two countries to work together. Best wishes for a prosperous and joyful New Year.
Bizarre twist at the Cambodia-Laos border (PPP)
As tensions between Cambodia and Laos flared over an ongoing territorial dispute in February, Lao soldiers seized and imprisoned a Cambodian border policeman, Sing In, who said he was drinking wine at his Lao wife’s native village across the border. In became the unwitting pawn in a fractious game between Laos and Cambodia, whose forces are standing off across still-unmarked sections
Zip-lining: Enjoy a birds-eye view and protect the rainforest in Laos (iNews)
To one side, the rainforest stretches away in folds of blue-green to the horizon. On the other, a 120m waterfall crashes down a vertical rock face, so close I can feel the spray on my face. And below? Just empty space and rushing air, between me and a canopy of the lush trees. This feels about the closest a human being can get to flying – and is certainly the closest you can get to
Laos witnesses slight drop in tourism revenue in 2016 (XinhuaNet or VT)
Tourism injected more than 724 million U.S. dollars into Laos' national budget during 2016, according to the latest data from the Tourism Development Department under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism on Sunday. The revenue generated by tourism in 2016 dropped slightly from the figure of more than 725 million U.S. dollars generated by the sector in 2015. 
Other stories about Laos around the world
...  China Gifts Military Equipment to Laos (Diplomat)

... Laos Sees Chemicals Law Facilitating Economic Growth (BNA)

... Lai Chau leader delivers New Year greetings to Lao students (Talk Vietnam)

... Two Laotians arrested in Thailand trying to transport a Toyota truck to Laos (CRT)

... SEA: Mekong rice (Inquirer)

... More Chinese-Owned Banana Plantations to Close in Laos (RFA)

... Troubled road project along Cambodia-Laos border rolls on (PPP)

... Mobile Library Still a Draw for Children in Poverty-Stricken Laos (LAHT)

... How the Hmong-CIA alliance shaped government policies today (Wisc SJ)

... Chinese embassy presents office equipment to Lao defense ministry (ECNS)

... Dan Bunn Takes His Calumet College of St. Joseph Education With Him to Laos

... Won a prestigious award, poet dives into Lao-Hmong roots in new book (FresnoBee)

... Vientiane Launches Road Safety Campaign (KPL)

... Laos-China Railway Tunnel Boring Kicks Off (KPL)

... Golden Triangle International Motorcycle Rally held in Laos (Sina)

... Laos villagers hope for rain during vibrant rocket festival (Barcroft)

... Troubled road project along Lao-Cambodian border rolls on (PPP)

... Biggest bronze Buddha image to be built in Bokeo (Eleven Myanmar)

... Lao-Hmong in U.S.: Specializing in finding forever homes (Chico ER)

... Technological revolution in Laos agriculture as workforce moves out of farming (ABC)

... Vientiane Discusses Mobilising Community Participation in Dengue Prevention (KPL)
... MVT 10 Crowned Miss Vientiane 2017 (KPL)
... Cops to read riot act to Lao New Year revellers (VT)
... Laos: New law offers incentives to attract investment (VT)
... Yuwen Michelson ’17 Awarded Fulbright ETA to Laos (Hamilton)
... Two killed, nine injured in southern Laos' Xekong bus crash (VT)
... Dozens of Rescuers Trained in Emergency Medical Services (KPL)
... Prompt Measures for Delayed Road Construction in Xaysoumboun (KPL)
... Long-lost family and Luke Skywalker lead Lao-American poet to Modesto (MB)
... Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia student cultural exchange in Ho Chi Minh city (TV)
... Helping Human Trafficking Survivors Reintegrate Across Mekong Countries (KPL)
... Kyrgyzstan ratifies agreement with Laos on mutual visa exemptions for diplomats (AP)
... Laos moves to ensure progress (Nation)
... Lao Airlines arranging extra New Year flights (VT)
... 30 Additional Buses Ready for Lao New Year (KPL)
... China reclaims top foreign investor spot in 2016 (VT)
... Over 200 families to relocate for Pakbaeng dam (VT)
... Tourism pours millions of dollars into govt coffers (VT)
... Lao New Year Celebration Kicks Off in Vientiane (KPL)
... Vientiane Needs Proper Strategy to Control Dengue (KPL)
... Experts to inspect bombsites found in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Standoff on Cambodia-Laos border intensifies (SEA-Globe)
... Thailand Repeats Request For Laos To Arrest 'Kotee' (ACN)
... Solid Growth Expected For Laos 2017 And 2018: ADB (JC Lao)
... Buying That Luang Condos Will Not Grant Lao Citizenship (KPL)
... You Could Lose this Contest and Still Get a Free Trip to Laos (Viva)
... Laos Embassy celebrates Bun Pi May festival in Hanoi (Talk Vietnam)
... How can Laos retain economic growth motivation in 2017 (XinhuaNet)
... A Guide To The Many Ridiculously Magical Caves In Laos (Pedestrian)
... UXO tragedies still a headache for Laos decades after war (XinhuaNet)
... Miss Laos 2011 Louknum posts "Japan" via social media (Kyodo News)
... Win a $250,000 Dream Life in Laos By Making a Two-minute Video (Yahoo)
... Lao leaders praise support from Vietnam’s state audit office (VietnamNews)
... Construction of China-Laos railway speeds up to beat rainy season (Global Times)
... Dream Life: This filmmaker is giving away her bookstore, café and art gallery in Laos

April 3-9, 2017

Laos Expected to Enjoy Economic Growth through 2018 (KPL or VT)
The Lao PDR’s economic growth is picking up this year and is expected to continue growing in 2018, supported by the expansion of production, sale of electricity, buoyant service sector growth, and construction of the cross-border railway project ... the gross domestic product (GDP) growth for Laos is forecasted to reach 6.9% in 2017 and 7.0% next year, a slight increase from 6.8%
Border Troops On Standby After Threat From Laos (Cambodia Daily)
Cambodian soldiers in Stung Treng province have been placed on standby following threats of violence by Laotian authorities due to a dispute over Laos’ attempt to construct a military base near a stretch of undemarcated border, a spokes­man for the provincial government said on Friday. On April 1, the Laotian military began digging a trench for a new base 30 meters from an area of undemarcated border
Tension on Laos Border De-Escalated for Khmer New Year (CD or PPP)
A recent escalation in military tension between Cambodia and Laos over the construction of a border-crossing post cooled on Wednesday, with the two sides agreeing to a plan that includes the retreat of soldiers until after the Khmer New Year, officials said. On Sunday, about 20 Laotian soldiers sought to block the construction of a small wooden border post inside a disputed tract of
Along the Mekong River of S. Laos, a Timeless Place Where Time Marches On (NYT)
Deep in the folds of the hill, up steep stone stairs flanked with frangipani trees, stood the inner sanctum of the ancient Khmer temple of Vat Phou. We faced the mountain ridge, our backs to the waters of the Mekong River, looking for the chamber. From this angle, it was hidden. But other parts of the temple had begun revealing themselves to us. Down here, along the rutted stone path
Thai police want to question Laos' alleged drug kingpin Sisouk (TV or RFA or Nation)
Thai anti-narcotics police are requesting permission from Laos to interrogate Sisouk Daohuang, an alleged Laotian drug kingpin believed to control a larger network than Xaysana Keopimpha, who was arrested three months ago and is in Thai police custody. Narcotics Suppression Bureau deputy commissioner Pol Maj General Pornchai Charoenwong said that Lao police arrested Sisouk
Full steam ahead for start of Laos-China railway (VT)
Hundreds of trucks carrying machinery and equipment for construction of the Laos-China railway have entered Laos after being delayed at the border, a senior government official has said. A special lane has now been allocated at China's Mohan and Laos' Boten border crossing to facilitate the passage of the trucks, the project coordinator in Luang Namtha province, Mr Chanthachone
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Big Bombs Found in Luang Prabang (KPL)
... MRC visits Laos dam ahead of May meet (PPP)
... Attracting more tourists the key to aviation growth (VT)
... Lao gov't aims to promote SEZ management (XinhuaNet)
... Five Bans to be Strictly Enforced During Lao New Year (KPL)
... Luang Prabang arranges special Lao New Year activities (VT)
... Hmong: Female Author Receives an Award by AAUW (UNPO)
... Tension Flares Up Again on Cambodia’s Border With Laos (CD)
... Laos breaks promise to withdraw forces from border (Khmer Times)
... Laos marks World Health Day, focusing on depression prevention (VT)
... I was ready to quit nursing until I went to work in a Laos hospital (Guardian)
... SEZ management decree under scrutiny, aiming to draw more investors (VT)
... Laos - Hom Xai Group: A loan of $3,000 helps a member to purchase water filters
... Guide to Luang Prabang & Vang Vieng (TMTG)
... Investigation underway over AsianFace scandal (VT)
... More Vans, No Fare Change During Pi Mai Lao (KPL)
... Vietnam, Laos should step up relations: Lao Party chief (VBN)
... Savannakhet bridge immigration fee ruling not yet enforced (VT)
... Laos placed among the lowest contraception usage in Asia (VT)
... Lao PM pushes for further success on back of Asean Summits (VT)
... Luang Prabang Makes Preparations for Nang Sangkhan Parade (KPL)
... Lao Furniture Makers’ Need Better Craftsmanship to Make It Overseas (KPL)
... Canadian Filmmaker gives away $250K dream life in South-East Asia (Yahoo)
... Addressing Gender-based Violence in Laos and Nepal Initiative (Funds for NGOs)
... New Forests acquires a majority stake in Laos plantation to boost sustainable timber
... Judge Elected In Milwaukee County Is First Female Hmong-American On The Bench
... Vientiane Furniture Fair Begins (KPL)
... Massive land area awaiting UXO clearance (VT)
... Laos reports no cases of Zika virus in 2016 (VBN)
... Laos-Cambodia border closed over tensions (PPP)
... Vientiane gears up for an exciting Lao New Year (VT)
... UXO victims decline in Laos in 2016 (XinhuaNet or KPL)
... Vientiane factories in need of wastewater treatment (VT)
... Dh20m learning scheme launched for children in Laos (KT)
... Cambodian Real Estate Firm Defrauds Lao Investors (RFA)
... Dubai charity to help 35,000 school kids in Laos (Gulf News)
... Private Firm to Turn Lao Agarwood into Global Market Products (KPL)
... Activities of "Chinese Culture Enters ASEAN" held in Laos (XinhuaNet)
... SK E&C Completes Hydroelectric Power Plant and Dam in Laos (BSK)
... Joint panel discusses prior consultation process for Pakbaeng dam (VT)
... PM Thongloun Expresses Condolences for Russia Subway’s Explosion (KPL)
... Award-winning Hmong author leaves impression on area AAUW branches (SM)
... Russia awards National Assembly President (VT)
... Laos-China direct flight serves to promote cooperation (VT)
... Dispute with Laos reignites over checkpoint (Khmer Times)
... Burned Market Thongkhankhamon Makes a Comeback (KPL)
... PS Lao to return money to partners over business uncertainty (VT)
... Paklay Mekong Bridge to Be Opened Temporally for Pi Mai Lao (KPL)
... Savannakhet educators, students readied for university relocation (VT)
... Laotian Soldiers Suspend Construction of Cambodian Border Post (CD)
... Vientiane Capital Announces Top-Scoring Students for National Exam (KPL)
... Laos speeds up railway construction machinery import from China (XinhuaNet)
... Actress Napapa “Patt” Tantrakul Admits 1.5 Million Bht Came From “Benz Racing" (BT)
... Luang Prabang packed out (TTR Weekly)
... Laos extends support for MIA activities (VT)
... US, Laos hold first meeting under TIFA (Bilaterals)
... Vietinbank celebrates five years in Laos (Vietnam Plus)
... Laos to select kick-boxers for SEA Games (XinhuaNet)
... Laos observes 40th National Day with grand parade (VBN)
... Beware of illegal business ventures, Lao central bank warns (VT)
... XiengKuang: Nam Mo 2 Hydropower Plant to Be Built Soon (KPL)
... Improved VAT Procedures Expected to Make Paying Taxes Easier (KPL)
... Water management cooperation to flow from Laos, China joint efforts (VT)
... Savannakhet immigration officials ordered to end border crossing fees (VT)
... Lao-Asean Hospital Prepares to Register on Lao Securities Exchange (KPL)
... Launching first arts-literature drive on Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia solidarity (TV)
... 'A Great Place to Have a War': The CIA's adventure in Laos while Vietnam raged
... Pakxe looks forward to new park with embankment construction set to start (VT)
... Almost 100 Ratch Lao Workers Submit Resign Letters Following Ignored Requests

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